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Selected Non-UNC IBR Publications

Levoy, Marc, and Pat Hanrahan. Light Field Rendering, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96, (New Orleans, LA), August 4-9, 1996, pp. 31-42.
Abstract and links to paper and hi-res figures
Paper (.ps.gz, 440KB)
Gortler, S. J., R. Grzeszczuk, R. Szeliski, M. Cohen. The Lumigraph, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96, (New Orleans, LA), August 4-9, 1996, pp. 43-54.
Paper (.ps.gz)
Color plates #1 (page 11)
Color plates #2 (page 12)
Debevec, Paul E., Camillo J. Taylor, and Jitendra Malik. Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs: A hybrid geometry- and image-based approach, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96 (New Orleans, LA), August 4-9, 1996, pp. 11-20.
Paper (.pdf)
Darsa, Lucia, Bruno Costa Silva, and Amitabh Varshney. Navigating Static Environments Using Image-Space Simplification and Morphing, Proceedings of 1997 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics (Providence, RI), April 27-30, 1997, pp. 25-34.
Paper (.pdf)
Debevec, Paul E., and Jitendra Malik. Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 97 (Los Angeles, CA), August 3-8, 1997, pp. 369-378.
Paper (.pdf)
Gortler, Steven J., Li-we He, and Michael F. Cohen. Rendering from Layered Depth Images, Microsoft Research Technical Report MSTR-TR-97-09 March 19, 1997.
Paper (.pdf)
Szeliski, Richard, and Paolina Golland. Stereo Matching with Transparency and Matting, Microsoft Research Technical Report MSTR-TR-97-13 May, 1997.
Abstract & Paper
Sillion, Francois, George Drettakis, Benoit Bodelet. Efficient Impostor Manipulation for Real-Time Visualization of Urban Scenery Eurographics '97 Aug. 1997.
Paper (.pdf)
Mann, S. and R. W. Picard. Virtual Bellows: Constructing High Quality Stills from Video Proc. of Ieee First Int. Conf. on Image Proc. Nov. 1994.
Dr. Picard's home page
Schaufler, Gernot. Nailboards: A Rendering Primitive for Image Caching in Dynamic Scenes Proc. of 8th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, June 16-18, 1997, pp. 151-162.
Paper (.pdf)
Abstract, paper (.ps.gz), and Color Plates
Pulli, Kari, Michael Cohen, Tom Duchamp, Hugues Hoppe, Linda Shapiro, and Werner Stuetzle. View-based Rendering: Visualizing Real Objects from Scanned Range and Color Data Proceedings of 8th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, St. Etienne, France, June 16-18 1997, pp. 23-34.
Paper (.pdf)
Paper (.ps)


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