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Image-Based Objects (IBOs)

We present an alternative object representation for computer graphics. In this approach, objects are represented by images that are then used to render arbitrary views of the objects with correct perspective. Image-based object can be constructed from both synthetic models or real objects, and can be translated, rotated, scaled and used as primitives to construct more complex scenes. We also present a painter's style algorithm for rendering such scenes.

The scene above is composed by two distinct image-based objects and was rendered with our new algorithms.



Above, we see four views of a real object scanned with a laser range finder and used to construct an image-based representation for the object (below).


Views of the resulting IBO. The points floating around the object are due to noisy measurements during the scanning process.

Related Publication

Oliveira Neto, Manuel M. and Gary Bishop. Image-Based Objects. To appear in Proceedings of 1999 ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics (Atlanta, Ga), April 26-28, 1999, pp. 191-198.
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Original models provided by REM Infograáfica (Venus) and Amazing 3D Graphics (old clock)

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