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Immersive, 3D Telecollaboration: the Office of the Future.

An immersive, telecollaboration project [20] is underway that seeks to share workspaces by projecting images of remote locations onto nearly every surface possible, including irregular and dynamic surfaces. The ceiling of the office is populated with projectors, and cameras are strategically placed in unobtrusive locations for two-way interaction.

Currently, range information provided by the system described here could be used to provide the range of the static structures in the shared environment. This information is used to not only locate all the projection surfaces but to locate the projectors as well, so that the position of each pixel from each projector in the room can be computed.

Figure 3: For multiple-center-of-projection images, we show the path taken to acquire the data at the top, the acquired data (distorted middle view), and the appropriate reconstruction of the data.

Lars S. Nyland