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Multiple-Center-of-Projection Images.

MCOP images correctly reconstruct 3D scenes where every pixel in the source image was potentially acquired from a different, but known, position [19]. MCOP images have the advantage that objects can essentially be scanned, but the data is still a single image. If a strip camera is the acquisition model, then pose information is only required for each column of data.

The MCOP project was the first client of the ranging system described here. We attached the UNC Hi-Ball tracking system to the rangefinder, made the acquisition software network-aware, and slowly rolled the range acquisition cart in the tracked environment.

In figure 3, we show a photo of our lab environment with the rangefinder's path superimposed. We then show the resulting image that was collected, colored by hand to distinguish the important parts of the scene. Finally, we show the reconstructed image.

Lars S. Nyland