Architecture of the Artifact-Based Collaboration System Matrix

K. Jeffay, J.K. Lin, J. Menges, F.D. Smith, and J.B. Smith
Proceedings of the Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Toronto, Canada, ACM Press, November 1992
pp. 195-202.

Abstract: The UNC Collaboratory project is concerned with both the process of collaboration and with computer systems to support that process. Here, we describe a component of the Artifact-Based Collaboration (ABC) system, called the Matrix, that provides an infrastructure in which existing single-user applications can be incorporated with few, if any, changes and used collaboratively. We take the position that what is needed is not new tools but better infrastructure for using familiar single-user tools collectively. The paper discusses the Matrix architecture, a Virtual Screen component, and generic functions that provide conferencing, hyperlinking, and recording of users' actions for all applications.

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