A Patterned Injury Digital Library for Collaborative Forensic Medicine

D. Stotts, J.B. Smith, P. Dewan, K. Jeffay, F.D. Smith, D.K. Smith, S. Weiss, J. Coggins, W. Oliver
Proceedings of Digital Libraries '94
The First Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries
College Station, TX, June 1994.
pp. 25-33.

Abstract: The UNC CS Collaboratory, in conjunction with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and the Office of the North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner, is constructing a digital library to augment the collaborative practice of forensic medicine. Called the Repository of Patterened Injury Data (RPID), the project is putting into digital form several important and heavily used collection of medical data, stored and presented to allow joint consultation by several pathologists. We are researching issues in data storage, retrieval, and delivery; in shared distributed user interfaces; and in collaborative work patterns for forensic medicine.

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