Early Prototypes of the Repository for Patterned Injury Data

P. Dewan, K. Jeffay, J.B. Smith, D. Stotts, W. Oliver
Proceedings of Digital Libraries '95
The Second Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries
Austin, TX, June 1995.
pp. 123-130.

Abstract: We have constructed a proof-of-principle system for supporting collaborative forensic medicine. The early prototype is built on ABC/DGS, a graph-server and collaborative hypermedia system built in the UNC Collaboratory. A second prototype is underway that has more flexible control of multi-person creation of, and access to, the shared patient data and pathology artifacts. Created with Dewan's Suite, this version maintains consistent yet different independent views of the underlying data, and moderates access through these views. We conclude by describing a planned third prototype, to be built not on ABC, but on a modification of the WWW httpd distributed data server.

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