Distributed Real-Time Dataflow: An Execution Paradigm for Image Processing and Anti-Submarine Warfare Applications

S. Goddard and K. Jeffay
Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, Work in Progress Abstracts
Washington, DC, December 1996
pages 55-58.


The central thesis of this project is that

To this end, we propose a new real-time dataflow paradigm that is based on the Navy's Processing Graph Method (PGM) [5], which is similar to the dataflow methodology employed by Ptolemy [1,4] of the University of California at Berkeley and the Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (RASSP) project, funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). While our dataflow methodology itself is not novel, our application of real-time scheduling theory to the model is.

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