Ferrar Mondial

  Here are some images I have taken of my personel 1982 Mondial.  It has only 33,000 miles on it and is an absolute joy to drive.  The Mondial 8s are considered one of the most reliable Ferraris built and one of the lowest cost (for a Ferrari, mind you!) to maintain.  Part of this is due to the inclusion of the Bosck Ktronic fuel injection instead of 4 dual barrel carburators, the lower horse power resulting in less forces to cause wear in the engine and just the good rugged construction that a 7,700 RPM V8 Ferrari engine inherantly has.

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Kurtis Keller's 1982 Mondial:


Ferrari Mondial Interior.  No plastic - everything is leather or wool.Ferrari Mondial Interior.  The seats are as comfortable and supportive as they look.  Wonderful.  Back seats are for short drives or children for long drives

  Note that every surface including dashboard and door skins are all leather covered.  That which isn't covered with leather is all wool, including the headliner.  The gear changing plate is the ferrari standard high gloss chrome/Stainless and the gear shifter is that amaingly thin, but for some reason doen't break long, shiny shaft.  The cars come standard with airconditioning, tilt and telescopic steering, all electric remote trunc engine and front bonnet hatches (there is no key to open the trunk from outside).  Power windows are also included but they are notoriously slow to raise back up.

Ferrari Mondial DashboardYes!  It even has a trunk!  Perfect for groceries and weekends

  The leather covered dashboard provides a sun shield for the numerous guages on the instrument panel.  Besides all of the guages and lights on the instrument panel, the buttons for opening the trunk, engine hatch and front bonnet lid are there (manual pull handles are hidden inside the car incase of battery failure).  In addition to the expected speedometer,  tachometer, fule level, oil pressure, there are both guages for water and oil temperature.  A second set of LED status indicators are at the lower part of the console which goes status of the lighting, engine and other systems.
  The trunk is fairly deep due to the spare tire being in front.  It will hold a large amount of groceries and enough kuggage for a long weekend.  It is also fully carpeted.  In front of the trunk is the engine bay.

Exterior Pictures

  Where as the frame is all steel, the body is sculptured in steel, alumium lids and fiberglass lowers.  the floor pans are steel with fiberglass coating both sides.  The front, top and rear engine louvers are all aluminum.   In the background is my Mercedes 300SD that the Ferrari is replacing.

Kurtis Keller and his 1982 Ferrari Mondial
Above are a couple better pictures showing the front quarter and one with me, Kurtis Keller, standing beside my toy.  Note the separate passing lights in the bumper.

1982 Ferrari Mondial Engine

  The engine is a 3.0 liter V8 with about 70HP per liter output.  The redline is 7,700 RPM and rteally doesn't show its colors until the engine hits about 5,000 RPM.  From there on the scream of the high reving engine behind you can really make the adrenaline flow.  However, for regular driving, the car is surprisingly quiet at standard highway speeds.

Last updated August 23, 2001,   Kurtis Keller