COMP 110-003 Spring 2013

Lab 4

25 points

Assigned: Thursday, February 14
Due: Thursday, February 28


Lab 4 will give you practice with writing a loop. Write a program to read in a list of UNC basketball scores (nonnegative integers!) one at a time from the user (via console, not message box) and outputs the following statistics (to the console, not message box):

  1. Total number of games:
  2. Total number of games scoring at least 70 points:
  3. Percentage of games scoring at least 70 points:
  4. Average game score:
  5. Range of scores: lowest to highest (hint: define one variable for each)

The end of the input is indicated by the user entering a negative sentinel value. (See page 226 for details). Note that the sentinel value is not used in computing the highest, lowest or average game score.

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