Final Project

Each student (possibly with a partner) is expected to propose and complete a final project, likely with substantial programming efforts related to geometric computation. Many topics will be suggested, but students are free to select their own project topic.

Possible projects include but are not limited to an improved implementation of a geometric algorithm from a paper, a synthesis of techniques from several papers, or a work that presents an in-depth analysis on the state of the art. The projects are expected to have some research content.

All students are required to document the progress and results (program executables, images, video clips, reports, etc.) of their final projects using html. Please inform the instructor your project website location, as soon as you finish setting it up.

Important Deadlines:

  • September 30, 1998 - Meet with the instructor to discuss possible project ideas.
  • October 13 & 20, 1998 - Project Proposal
  • November 17, 1998 - Progress Update
  • December 11, 1998 - Final Project Presentation & Demo

  • Here is the list of final projects:

  • Determining Important Viewpoints in Massive Architectral Models by Eric Baker
  • Dynamic Triangulation of Depth Extraction Information by Wei-Chao Chen
  • Multiple Robot Motion Planning with Formations by Stephen Ehmann
  • Robust, Real-Time, Multi-Resolution Dynamic 2D & 3D Voronoi Diagram Construction Using Graphics Hardware by Kenneth Hoff
  • Finding the Computational Bottleneck of Breen's Method for Cloth Simulation by Mave Houston
  • Calculating Separation and Penetration Depth of 3D Objects by Jeff Juliano
  • Subdivision Surface Survey by Adam Lake
  • Hybrid Hierarchies for Distance Computation by Eric Larsen
  • Querying 3D Databases with 2D Images to Determine or Refine User Position by Benjamin Lok
  • 3D-to-3D Collision Detection for Haptic Rendering by Kok-Lim Low
  • Modeling the Face for Animation Using Multi-Resolution Meshes by Sanjay Sthapit
  • Far-Field Video by Andy Wilson

  • Schedules for presentations:

  • Project Proposal
  • Progress Update
  • Final Project Presentation & Demo

  • List of Suggested Course Projects:

  • Dynamic surface triangulation given a height field for Distributed NanoManipulator
  • Improve the robustness of geometric operations on non-linear primitives
  • Develop path planning techniques for navigating in the virtual worlds
  • Investigate the use of various techniques (nearest neighbors, medial axis, etc.) to construct a hierarchy bottom-up efficiently
  • Design visibility/simplification algorithm for dynamic environments (considering kinetic data structures, hierarchical representation, etc.)
  • And, more......