Tuesday, May 9, 2017



  • The Tar Heel Reader by Jocelyn Rives

  • Restaurant Web App: Your Ultimate Meal (YUM) by Ravi Malik

  • Impact of Computer Technology in Molecular Biology and Genetics by Abtahi Tishad

  • The Course Sorter by Matt Schaefer

  • Tweet for Answer by Jason Yu
  • 1:00pm:

  • Autonomous Driving Simulation by Omsai Meka and Landon Powell

  • Autonomous Driving and the Reshaping of Industries by Will Benson

  • Game Development: "Old Men's Sky by Chengtao Wang

  • Arithmetic Artillery by Tom Nguyen
  • 2:00pm:
  • Creating a Virtual Board Game by Gordon Cory III

  • Laptop Orchestra Starter Kit by Sam Lowe

  • Modeling Chemical Reactions by Andrew Pendergast

  • Music of "Dorm Sounds" by Kevin W. Cao

  • Impact of Technology on Language Acquisition by Katherine Blandford
  • 3:00pm:
  • Website for Students for Environmental Justice and Nuclear Awareness by Everett Desern

  • Health Analytics by Victor Brown

  • Cryptography by Benjamin Twara

  • Cybersecurity by Jace Jordan-cornell