Instruction for Project Proposal

All students are required to give an ORAL *AND* a WRITTEN proposal on their intended final course projects. The proposal can be in the form of PowerPoint presentation, WORD document, html, or other format of their choices. Here are some suggested elements to be included in the proposal:
  • The motivations and background
  • State-of-art and new challenges
  • Proposed tasks: both short-term goals to be accomplished in this semester and the long-term vision if you have more time
  • Some possible ideas or alternatives that you plan to pursue or evaluate
  • Minimum expected contribution or accomplishment(s) by Apr 7, 2009 and by May 6, 2009 respectively
  • All students are requested to send the proposal to the instructor by March 5, 2009.
  • Sand Simulation by Abhinav Golas
  • Physically Modeling the Active Cannula by Lisa Lyon
  • Physically-based Human Response to Environment by Jian Pan
  • Hybrid Acoustics by Lakulish Antani
  • Hybrid Traffic Simulation by David Wilkie
  • Twister in Motion by Michael Su
  • Rain Drop on Moving Object by Susu Li
  • GPU Hierarchies for Hair Simulation by Qi Mo
  • Cloth Simulation by Yue-Ling Wong
  • Synthetic Vision by Glenn Elliott
  • xxx by Brendan Walters