Shahriar Nirjon

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Email: nirjon@cs,unc,edu

Research Interest

I am interested in Embedded Intelligence – the general idea of which is to make resource constrained real-time and embedded sensing systems capable of learning, adapting, and evolving.

In recent past, I have worked on – Networked Embedded Sensor Systems (HW/SW Co-Design and Wearables), Wireless Networks and Sensing (Mobile, WSN, and other RF), Mobile Systems (OS, Services, and Applications), , and Internet of Things (IoT devices, privacy, data analytics, and mobile Health).

Before joining the UNC Chapel Hill (2015), I was a researcher in the Networking and Mobility Lab at the HP Labs (2014-2015). I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, under the supervision of Jack Stankovic (August 2014).



  • Concealed Weapon Localization Using mmWave Radar.
    Sponsor: Athena Security Inc., Amount: $78K, Role: Lead PI.
  • NSF CAREER: Toward Embedding Perpetual Intelligence into Ultra-Low-Power Sensing and Inference Systems.
    Award #2047461, Amount: $561K, Role: Lead PI.
  • NSF SCH: INT: AURA - Connecting Audio and Radio Sensing Systems to lmprove Care at Home.
    Award #1R01LM013329-01 (NIH/NLM), Amount: $941K, Role: Lead PI.
  • NSF CSR: Small: Overheard at Home - Mitigating Overhearing of Continuous Listening Devices.
    Award #1816213, Amount: $252K, Role: Lead PI.
  • NSF CSR: CHS: Medium: Improving Pedestrian Safety in Urban Cities using Intelligent Wearable Systems.
    Award #1704469, Amount: $320K, Role: PI.
  • NSF EAGER: Predictive Maintenance of HVAC Systems using Audio Sensing.
    Award #1619967, Amount: $20K, Role: PI.
  • National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) Data Fellows Award.
    Amount: $40K, Role: PI.
  • IBM/RJ Reynolds Junior Faculty Development Award, UNC Chapel Hill.
    Amount: $7K, Role: PI.


  • Best Paper Award, Challenges in AI and Machine Learning for IoT (AIChallengeIoT '20).
  • Best Presentation Award, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp '20).
  • Best Paper Award, Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS '19).
  • Best Presentation Award, Vehicular Networking Conference App Contest (VNC '18).
  • Best Demo Runner Up, Vehicular Networking Conference App Contest (VNC '18).
  • Best Paper Nomination, Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN '17).
  • Best Demo Runner Up Award, Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys '16).
  • Best Paper Award, Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MOBISYS '14).
  • Best Paper Award, Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS '12).


  • Chong Shao (PhD 2018, Google)
  • Shiwei Fang (PhD 2021, Assistant Professor at Augusta University, GA, USA)
  • Tamzeed Islam (PhD 2021, Reserach Staff at Amazon, MA, USA)
  • Bashima Islam (PhD 2021, Assistant Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA)
  • Seulki Lee (PhD 2021, Assistant Professor at UNIST, Korea)
  • Yubo Luo (PhD 2023, Black Sesame Technologies Inc.)
  • Mahathir Monjur (3nd year PhD)
  • Zhenyu Wang (2nd year PhD)
  • Louie Lu (2nd year PhD)



◾ 7/23-Athena Security Grant.
◾ 7/23-Yubo Luo, PhD, graduates!
◾ 3/23-MobiSys'23 Paper Accepted.
◾ 7/21-Shiwei Fang, PhD, graduates!
◾ 5/21-Bashima Islam, PhD, graduates!
◾ 5/21-Tamzeed Islam, PhD, graduates!
◾ 5/21-Seulki Lee, PhD, graduates!
◾ 5/21-DCOSS'21 Paper Accepted.
◾ 2/21-NSF CAREER Award.
◾ 1/21-Two Papers in IPSN'21.
◾ 11/20-AIChallengeIoT'20 Best Paper.
◾ 3/20-Two Papers in DCOSS'20.
◾ 3/20-MobiSys'20 Paper Accepted.
◾ 2/20-Two Papers in RTAS'20.
◾ 9/19-NSF SCH Grant.
◾ 7/19-SenSys'19 Paper Accepted.
◾ 5/19-DCOSS'19 Best Paper Award.
◾ 3/19-Two Papers in DCOSS'19.
◾ 2/19-IPSN'19 Paper Accepted.
◾ 10/18-Chong Shao, PhD, graduates!
◾ 7/18-NSF CSR Small Grant.
◾ 3/18-Three Papers in DCOSS'18.
◾ 3/18-MMSys'18 Paper Accepted.
◾ 2/18-IPSN'18 Paper Accepted.
◾ 1/18-Two papers in IoTDI'18.
◾ 5/17-NSF CSR Medium Grant.
◾ 2/17-MobiSys'17 Paper Accepted.
◾ 1/17-IoTDI'17 Paper Accepted.
◾ 1/17-PerIoT'17 Paper Accepted.
◾ 1/17-EWSN Best Paper Nomination.
◾ 12/16-EWSN'17 Paper Accepted.
◾ 11/16-Sensys Best Demo Runner Up
◾ 8/16-WH'16 Paper Accepted.
◾ 5/16-UG Summer Research Started.
◾ 4/16-DCOSS'16 Paper Accepted.
◾ 4/16-NCDS Data Fellow Award.
◾ 3/16-NSF EAGER Grant.
◾ 1/16-UNC JFDA Award.
◾ 7/15-Joined UNC Faculty.