How to get clear text files on a Mac

HTML template for running your programs as web pages
If you click this link you will see a web page that will run the power program by clicking the button. To save it as a template on your computer (so you can run your own programs) do this: Then you can open the file on your computer with a web broswer and run the program by clicking the button you see there. You can run any other program by replacing the code between with your code.
In the template here you will see (in the JavaScript code area) some cryptic code that is commented out. This is graphics drawing code. If you un-comment it and run the program you will see it draw a simple graphic after it runs power.

To run Bricks at home, or anywhere not on the UNC network, you will need to
install and run VPN
from UNC's free software stash.

If Bricks is resting you can work on JavaScript code with the
JSFiddle JavaScript Development Environment

Practice programs

Loop self-help exercises
Loop and Array self-help exercises

Basic HTML tags

Overview of a computer, binary, fetch/execute

JavaScript: The Good Parts (D. Crockford)