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NOTE: This project is inactive and the software is basically unsupported. I do not use it any more. Some other people (apparently) still do.


Transfer calendar events from Microsoft Entourage to a web-based calendar. (Tested with OS X 10.4.3 and Entourage 2004.)

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Greg Welch
Examples: An Entourage calendar and the Events2Web version.

Screen Shots:

Entourage, Appearance, and Transfer Preferences.

Current Version:

2.1.3 (download at right)
Cost: Free, although donations are accepted (see below).

Revision History


You are welcome to ask for support via email, however note that I no longer actually use Entourage (or Events2Web), and as such have reduced motivation to add features, etc.


Events2Web is free. If you find it useful and would like to join the "exclusive" (small) club of Events2Web donors, please click the button below (PayPal secure donation).

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