Known Plugin or Mail Issues

El Capitan/10.1.x Issues (recipients and follow-up subject prefix)

As of El Captitan (10.11) at least, there appear to be two problems that I am unable to fix at this time:
  1. The recipients are NOT being moved in cases where they should be—behavior might be the same as a reply/reply-all.
  2. There appears to be a problem with access to the the preferences file (net.welchwold.mailfollowup.plist) which is preventing the customization of the prefix string.

I am struggling to find time to look at these issues, and when I have time I'm struggling to figure out recent changes Apple made to the developer environment, to Mail, etc.

Toolbar buttons disappear after upgrade

If this happens simply Control-click on the toolbar and chose "Customize Toolbar..." to re-add the buttons.

Toolbar button not functioning properly in compose window

When using the message composition window the Follow Up/Follow Up All toolbar button might not function properly and/or might not appear at all. I will look at this when I have time....

Installation Difficulty in OS X 10.7/Lion and later versions

OS X 10.8/Mountain Lion introduced new security measures that have made my old AppleScript plugin installer more difficult to use. Unfortunately I simply do not have the time to investigate the "right" way to distribute the plugin.

However two helpful users have sent instructions on how to get around the installation difficulties.

If all else fails, please try using the manual installation instructions.

MailFollowUp 1.1 Likely Incompatibility with Debuttonizer

The Debuttonizer utility is likely to conflict with MailFollowup 1.1 in some way. (I have not tested it.) At the very least, it is unlikely to be able to "debuttonize" the MailFollowup toolbar buttons. The reason is because Debuttonizer works by moving the toolbar button images in the package, but the MailFollowup toolbar button image resides in the plugin bundle, not the application.


Last updated Thu, Oct 22, 2015