Known Plugin or Mail Issues

macOS 10.4/Mojave Issues

Installation Difficulty in OS X 10.7/Lion & 10.8/Mountain Lion

OS X 10.8/Mountain Lion introduced new security measures that have made my old AppleScript plugin installer more difficult to use. Unfortunately I simply do not have the time to investigate the "right" way to distribute the plugin.

However two helpful users have sent instructions on how to get around the installation difficulties.

If all else fails, please try using the manual installation instructions.

Occasional Recent Mailbox List Clearing

On occasion you might see the list of recent mailboxes cleared/emptied, for no apparent reason. I have seen this too, but cannot find the reason. There are simply too many ways to interact w/ too many different types of mail servers, and I can't test/debug them all. But, see the "Maximum List Size" note below.

Maximum Number of List Items

Bottom line: best to leave at default list size for now. For some reason it appears that if you set the list size to > 20, it stops working. Also, I might have the wrong parameter specified in "Changing the Maximum Number of List Items (OS X 10.8/Mountain Lion ONLY)"—I specify MaxMailboxes and it might be MaxAmount. I will look at these issues when I can.

Mail's "Move Again" Menu Bug (10 February 2007)

There appears to be a bug in Mail 2.1 (PPC) and 2.2.1 (Intel). This bug might persist into Mail 4.1 (OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard) but I am not sure. Below are the details I included in a bug report to Apple.


If you move a message to a particular mailbox, the Message menu contains the proper "Move to xxx Again" item. If you then COPY a message to that SAME mailbox, the Message menu item does NOT get updated to be "Copy to xxx Again" but instead remains "Move to xxx Again". The same is true in reverse (copy and then move).


Apple knows about this issue and is working on it (Bug ID# 4016204).


Last updated Sun, Jan 6, 2019