Mary C. Whitton

Senior Project Manager
Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)    
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
100 Europa Drive, Suite 540
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 445-9638 (Voice)
(919) 445-9669 (Fax)

Research Associate Professor 
Department of Computer Science    
214 Brooks Hall, CB 3175 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175
(919) 590-6150 (Voice)
(919) 590-6105 (Fax)

whitton at renci dot org
whitton_at_cs dot unc dot edu

 Curriculum Vitae


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March 28, 2011

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Receiving the 
Outstanding Service Award 
July 2013

Computer Science Research Interests

Effective Virtual Environments Research Team (with Fred Brooks)

  • What makes virtual environments work?  How do technical factors influence their effectiveness?
    Recent and current work improves and compares means of locomotion in VEs
      -  Is walking-in-place better than using a joystick to move around in VEs?
      -  Can we make movement more realisticwhen it is generated by interfaces where you don't really walk?
      -  Is it possible to make redirected-walking work without constraints?
    Other recent work: understanding perception of scene motion as applies to latency and to redirected walking.
  • How do we show VEs are worthwhile?
    Can we show training transfer? Can we show improved insight for immersive scientific visualization? Can we enable new types of interaction?

Fall 2008.  Jason Jerald performs psychophysics studies testing user's sensitivity to scene motion--motion that makes the virtual world appear unstable.

Tools for Serious Games and VE Applications

  • Control and display application system for VE enhanced physical therapy for gait rehabilitation. 
    Collaboration with Physical Therapy with a force plate instrumented, dual-belted treadmill. The initial target population is patients with asymmetric gait due to stroke.
  • Improving scenario/rehabilitation session generation tools for physical therapists
  • How can we use logs from training simulators (and games) to evaluate trainee/player performance?
    -  Can we diagnose the cause of a trainee/player's poor performance from the logs?
    -  Can we use the measured performance to automatically drive the scenario/session generation tools?

Winter 2009.  Jeff Feasel walking on the dual-belt treadmill and viewing early prototype environment and display. Goal is hands-free user control of path and speed through the VE

Still interested, but don't work in this anymore....

  • Computer graphics system architecture
    Programmable Graphics Processors--a previous time around the wheel of reincarnation
    Ikonas Graphics Systems (~1980)
    Application Accelerator:  GPGPUs a previous time around the wheel of reincarnation
    Trancept Systems (~1988)


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