Battery,   Brake LightsDistributor Cap and Spark Plug WiresFuel Pump, Right Pod Switches (Ignition), Master SwitchHeadlamps and tail light plugs, Instrument Panel and InstrumentsStarter Relay, Wiring through chassisInventory Photos


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See also: Chassis:  Battery Box

Brake Lights

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BrakeLgtSwMount.JPG (59504 bytes)    
Brake Light Switch Mounting    

Distributor Cap and Spark Plug Wires


Fuel Pump--NOTE Good views of water piping

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Right Pod Switches--Ignition

Igni_and_starterSws.JPG (59496 bytes) IgnitionSw.JPG (57438 bytes)

Instrument panel

11-20_RearInstrPanel.jpg (78553 bytes) 12-01_InstumentGround.jpg (57582 bytes) P1010088.JPG (52628 bytes)
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Water Temp Sensor P1010099.JPG (55249 bytes) P1010100.JPG (60795 bytes)
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Headlamps and tail light plugs

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P1010093-headlamp-plug.JPG (134937 bytes)   Dash light switch looking back


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Starter Relay

Wiring Routing Through Chassis

WiresThruDashPlate.JPG (59272 bytes) SwAreaWiring.JPG (59071 bytes) SwArea2.JPG (57324 bytes)
This is driver's right looking forward with the as yet not removed reverse lock-out and shift linkage showing. Below is an orienting show of same area. Above (2) and right are labeled "swArea"  Water pipes show. SwArea3.JPG (59808 bytes)
11-20_Door TieDown_DrR-front.jpg (82408 bytes)    
RtSideWiringatRollBar.JPG (58468 bytes) RHS-rearpod-interior-wires.JPG (52429 bytes) RHS-lines-dash-annot.JPG (52611 bytes)
Wiring at Roll Bar; water pipe visible? RHS, rear of pod Looking down under shifter.  Note annotation of "UP" on the frame.


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