The UNC-Chapel Hill research projects that come under the umbrella title, "Computing Power for Collaborative Science," are the logical application of the Department of Computer Science's philosophy that computer scientists are tool builders and that, in order to build good tools, the craftsman must work closely with the client. These research projects aim to expand and extend ongoing collaborations and create new opportunities for collaboration between computer science researchers and scholars in other disciplines on the UNC campus and at other institutions. In doing so, we hope to solve a variety of challenging problems in areas of national importance in which this university has demonstrated experience and strength.

The Computing Power for Collaborative Science projects were funded under the Intel Corporation's Technology for Education 2000 Program, designed to support university research and/or curriculum development through the donation of high-speed multimedia computers, workstations, servers, and networking hardware and software. During the three-year grant, which began in October 1997, UNC-Chapel Hill received equipment worth approximately $2.4 million. This equipment has enabled several sub-projects to further their research, has provided for the establishment of two new laboratories, and has helped to update the computing infrastructure of the Department of Computer Science.

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