Call for Papers, Short Papers, and Demonstrations

Aims and Scope

The recent flurry of display technology development has produced families of technologies that make fixed and projected pixels cheaper, faster, more flexible, and of higher quality. These advances enable 'smart pixels' and enable a number of burgeoning applications ranging from displays being used for better and more flexible images, to user interaction, scene sensing, and environment enhancement.

This event combines the successful series of Emerging Display Technologies workshops with the long-running Immersive Projection Displays workshop to cover all aspects of display technologies, from the very small to the very large, and everything in-between.

Some example topics of interest include:

  • multiview, multifocal, or high dynamic range displays;
  • omnistereo projection systems;
  • ad hoc or "poor man´s " projection systems;
  • ultra wide field of view HMD optics;
  • ultra fast displays;
  • head-worn or hand-held (mobile) paradigms;
  • hybrid display systems and applications;
  • display with integrated interaction components;
  • adaptive projector display systems;
  • extended color gamut or color matching displays;
  • projector-based user/device tracking or interaction;
  • embedded pixels for Spatially-Augmented Reality; and
  • rendering techniques associated with the above.

This two-day workshop should provide an opportunity to expand attendee thinking about ways to use contemporary display devices in new systems and applications.


Submission Deadline:

Friday, May 16, 2008 (the submission deadline is extended to Tuesday, May 27, 2008 )

Submission Instructions:

      Technical Presentations

We encourage the submission of short or long papers for corresponding technical presentations. The papers should describe recently completed work, work in progress, or publicly presentable ideas for unimplemented and/or unusual systems or applications. Accepted submissions will be published on a conference CD and will be archived in the ACM Digital Library.

Submissions can be a two-page (short presentation) or four-page (long presentation) and need to be prepared electronically (PDF) in camera-ready form (i.e. with full author names and affiliations, no page numbers, etc.) following the SIGGRAPH Publication Guidelines for Conferences sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH.

if your submissions are under 100MB, please submit them via Submission page. For files over 100MB, please contact us before submitting.


To allow inclusion in the ACM Digital Library we will need a signed copy of the ACM Copyright form faxed to +1-337-735-1346 and in the mail to

Dirk Reiners
537 Cajundome Boulevard
Lafayette, LA 70506

by the submission deadline.


Please include pictures and/or video with your submission if possible. Videos should be in a common format, e.g., MPEG-1, MPEG-4, XviD, or DivX. Size permitting we will include the videos on the conference CD, please make sure to indicate in the submission email whether that is acceptable for your materials.

Submissions from commercial vendors are very welcome, as long as they are focused on technological aspects of the presented displays and avoid being a sales pitch.

We will ask authors to commit to either personally attend the workshop to present the work, or to arrange for a suitable replacement presenter.


There will not be a separate demonstrations track at EDT-IPT, but we encourage submitting demonstrations of new display technologies, to the New Technology Demos track at SIGGRAPH. This will give your demonstration a much higher visibility than the pure EDT workshop.

Please submit them as a Demo or Installation Format in the Juried Work area.

We are working on arranging an EDT-IPT preview showing of display-related demos on the evening of the 9th.

Acceptance Notification

May 30th, 2008

Co-Chairs and Contact Information

Dirk Reiners University of Louisiana at Lafayette
dirk [at]

Laura Arns Envision Center for Data Perceptualization at Purdue University
arns [at]