Research Paper

A Dataset for Developing and Benchmarking Active Vision
Phil Ammirato, Patrick Poirson, Eunbyung Park, Jana Kosecka, and Alexander C. Berg

@inproceedings{active-vision-dataset2017, author = {Ammirato, Phil and Poirson, Patrick and Park, Eunbyung and Kosecka, Jana and Berg, Alexander C.}, title = {A Dataset for Developing and Benchmarking Active Vision}, booktitle={IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)}, year={2017}, }

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Active Vision Dataset

Our dataset enables the simulation of motion for object instance recognition in real-world environments. Our dataset is growing, it will double in size soon. It currently contains:
  • 30,000+RGBD images
  • 30+ frequently occuring instances
  • 15 scenes
  • 70,000+ 2D bounding boxes