Cyber-Physical Systems Lunch

CPS Lunch is a weekly seminar focused on current research in cyber-physical systems and related fields. It is open to all and a great way to get to know UNC's Cyber-Physical Systems group. Y'all should come!

Mailing List

CPS Lunch is coordinated via our mailing list This list is also used to share other relevant news and to coordinate upcoming events. All members of the Real-Time Systems group should subscribe to this list.

Time and Location

For Fall 2021, CPS Lunch will be Wednesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Zoom.

Spring 2022

Date Presenter Topic
1/26/2022 Jim Anderson Keynote presentation at ICESS 2021
2/2/2021 Cong Liu Towards Certifiable Autonomy in Safe-Critical Autonomous Systems

Fall 2021

Date Presenter Topic
9/1/2021 Clara Intership experience at General Motors
9/8/2021 N/A CPS Lunch Meet and Greet
9/15/2021 Bryan Ward Security and Resilience in Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems
9/22/2021 N/A Informal Discussion
9/29/2021 Edward Kim Automatic Dynamic Parallelotope Bundles for Reachability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
10/6/2021 N/A Informal Discussion
10/13/2021 N/A Informal Discussion
11/3/2021 Yizheng Jiao A Complete File System for Commodity SSDs
11/10/2021 Jian Xu Sensor Virtualization for Efficient Sharing of Mobile and Wearable Sensors
11/17/2021 Stephen Tang Extending EDF for Soft Real-Time on Unrelated Multiprocessors

The schedule is also available on this Google Sheet.

Fall 2020

The schedule is available on this Google Sheet.

Fall 2019

Date Presenter Topic
12/4/2019 - Last Day of Classes
11/27/2019 - Thanksgiving Break
11/20/2019 Sergey Voronov RTSS Practice Talk: OpenVX and Real-Time Certification: The Troublesome History [Paper]
11/13/2019 Joshua Bakita PRP Practice Talk: Bus Management in Real-Time: Is It Worth It? [Paper]
11/6/2019 Shiwei Fang DFHS (Workshop) Practice Talk: Non-Line-of-Sight Around the Corner Human Presence Detection Using Commodity WiFi Devices
10/30/2019 Seulki Lee SenSys Practice Talk: Neuro.ZERO: A Zero-Energy Neural Network Accelerator for Embedded Sensing and Inference Systems
10/23/2019 - Conference Deadline, No Talk
10/16/2019 Clara Hobbs RTNS Practice Talk: Optimal Soft Real-Time Semi-Partitioned Scheduling Made Simple (And Dynamic) [Paper]
10/9/2019 Catherine Nemitz RTNS Practice Talk: Concurrency Groups: A New Way to Look at Real-Time Multiprocessor Lock Nesting [Paper]
10/2/2019 Sridhar Duggirala EMSOFT Practice Talk: Aggregation Strategies in Reachable Set Computation of Hybrid Systems [Paper]
9/25/2019 Bineet Ghosh EMSOFT Practice Talk: Robust Reachable Set: Accounting for Uncertainties in Linear Dynamical Systems
9/18/2019 Bashima Islam
9/11/2019 James Anderson TCRTS Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership Award Acceptance Speech (repeat from RTAS'19)
9/4/2019 Sridhar Duggirala Incremental Minimization of Symbolic Automata [Related Paper] [Slides}

Spring 2019

Date Presenter Topic
4/10/2019 - Conference Deadlines
4/24/2019 Tanya Amert Recent work
4/17/2019 - Social Lunch
4/10/2019 - conference deadlines
4/3/2019 Tamzeed Islam SoundSemantics: Exploiting Semantic Knowledge in Text for embedded Acoustic Event Classification
3/27/2019 Ming Yang Re-thinking CNN Frameworks for Time-Sensitive Autonomous-Driving Applications: Addressing an Industrial Challenge [Related Paper]
3/20/2019 Yubo Luo SpotON: Just-in-Time Active Event Detection on Energy Autonomous Sensing Systems
3/13/2019 - Spring Break
3/6/2019 Bineet Ghosh Robust Reachable Set Computation
2/27/2019 Manish Goyal Generating a variety of counterexamples for Linear Hybrid Systems
2/20/2019 Sergey Voronov GEDF Tardiness: Open Problems Involving Uniform Multiprocessors and Affinity Masks Resolved
2/13/2019 Abel Karimi Formalization of Traffic Rules
2/6/2019 - ECRTS deadline
1/30/2019 ? ?
1/23/2019 Catherine Nemitz Recent work
Clara Hobbs Optimal Soft Real-Time Semi-Partitioned Scheduling Made Simple (and Dynamic)
1/16/2019 ? ?
1/9/2019 real-time students RTSS recaps

Fall 2018

Date Presenter Topic
12/5/2018 Sergey Voronov An Optimal Semi-Partitioned Scheduler Assuming Arbitrary Affinity Masks
11/28/2018 Ming Yang Making OpenVX Really "Real Time"
11/21/2018 - Thanksgiving Break
11/14/2018 Sims Hill Osborne Simultaneous Multithreading Applied to Real Time
11/7/2018 Nathan Otterness Recent work
10/31/2018 Ming Yang Recent Work
10/24/2018 Sims Hill Osborne Recent Work
Ming Yang Recent Work
10/17/2018 - CPS Week deadlines
10/10/2018 - CPS Week deadlines
10/3/2018 Bashima Islam and Yubo Luo Next Generation Battery-less Devices Will Learn From Sensor Data
9/26/2018 Nathan Otterness Supporting I/O and IPC via Fine-Grained OS Isolation for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Tasks [Related Paper]
9/19/2018 Sergey Voronov Tardiness Bounds for Fixed-Priority Global Scheduling without Intra-Task Precedence Constraints [Related Paper]
9/12/2018 - Hurricane Florence
9/5/2018 Nathan Otterness Avoiding Pitfalls when Using NVIDIA GPUs for Real-Time Tasks in Autonomous Systems [Related Paper]
8/29/2018 Catherine Nemitz Using Lock Servers to Scale Real-Time Locking Protocols: Chasing Ever-Increasing Core Counts [PDF] [Related Paper]

Spring 2018

Date Presenter Topic
4/25/2018 Seulki Lee Intermittent Learning on Harvested Energy
4/18/2018 Ming Yang Recent work
Shiwei Fang Recent work
4/11/2018 Tanya Amert Recent work
Catherine Nemitz Recent work
4/4/2018 Kecheng Yang Practice Talk
3/28/2018 Bashima Islam IPSN Presentation Practice
3/21/2018 Stephen Tang Recent work
Sims Hill Osborne Recent work
3/14/2018 - Spring Break
3/7/2018 Bashima Islam Rethinking the ranging of unmodified BLE peripheral devices
2/28/2018 Kecheng Yang Real-Time Scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems on Heterogeneous Platforms
2/21/2018 Nathan Otterness LET: A Way Forward for Safe GPU Co-Scheduling [PDF]
Seulki Lee Energy-Free Learning for Lifelong Embedded Intelligence [PDF]
2/14/2018 Sergey Voronov An Optimal Semi-Partitioned Scheduler Assuming Arbitrary Affinity Masks [PDF]
2/7/2018 Shiwei Fang ZenCam: Context-Driven Control of Autonomous Body Cameras
Tamzeed Islam Duty-Cycle-Aware Real-Time Scheduling of Wireless Links in Low Power WANs [PDF] [PPT]
1/31/2018 Social lunch --
1/24/2018 Tanya Amert and Catherine Nemitz ECRTS submissions

Fall 2017

Date Presenter Topic
11/29/2017 Sergey Voronov and Stephen Tang PRP Practice Talks
11/22/2017 -- No RT Lunch: Thanksgiving Break
11/15/2017 Kecheng Yang On the Soft Real-Time Optimality of Global EDF on Uniform Multiprocessors
11/8/2017 Tanya Amert GPU Scheduling on the NVIDIA TX2: Hidden Details Revealed
11/1/2017 Namhoon Kim Discussion of recent work
10/25/2017 Ming Yang Discussion of recent work
10/18/2017 -- No RT Lunch: Fall Break
10/11/2017 Nathan Otterness Discussion of recent GPU-related work
10/4/2017 -- No RT Lunch: RTNS Conference
9/27/2017 Catherine Nemitz Real-Time Multiprocessor Locks with Nesting: Optimizing the Common Case
9/20/2017 Stephen Tang Supporting Mode Changes while Providing Hardware Isolation in Mixed-Criticality Multicore Systems
9/13/2017 Sergey Voronov Whiteboard discussion of neural nets
9/6/2017 Tanya Amert Whiteboard discussion of recent GPU-related work
8/30/2017 Sims Osborne Constructing Words with High Distinct Square Densities
8/23/2017 Lunch at R&R Grill

Spring 2017

Date Presenter Topic
4/12/2017 Nathan Otterness An Evaluation of the NVIDIA TX1 for Supporting Real-Time Computer-Vision Workloads
3/29/2017 Chong Shao Generic Framework for Prioritizing Content of Interest in Multimedia Data Compression
3/8/2017 Stefanos Skalistis BIP: a Rigorous way to System Design
3/1/2017 Catherine Nemitz Recent work: Real-Time Multiprocessor Locks with Nesting: Optimizing the Common Case
2/22/2017 Sergey Voronov Recent work
2/15/2017 Abhishek Singh Recent work
2/8/2017 Abhishek Singh, Micaiah Chisholm Recent work
2/1/2017 Kecheng Yang, Abhishek Singh Recent work
1/18/2017 Namhoon Kim, Micaiah Chisholm Recent work
1/11/2017 Catherine Nemitz, Calvin Deutschbein, Ming Yang, Nathan Otterness Recent work

Fall 2016

Date Presenter Topic
11/16/2016 Namhoon Kim Reconciling the Tension Between Hardware Isolation and Data Sharing in Mixed-Criticality, Multicore Systems
11/09/2016 Chong Shao ImageBeacon: Broadcasting Color Images over Connectionless Bluetooth LE Packets
11/02/2016 Pontus Ekberg Computational complexity of uniprocessor schedulability analysis
10/12/2016 Pontus Ekberg Computational complexity of uniprocessor schedulability analysis
9/28/2016 Kecheng Yang Reducing Response-Time Bounds for DAG-Based Task Systems on Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms
9/21/2016 Namhoon Kim Attacking the One-Out-Of-m Multicore Problem by Combining Hardware Management with Mixed-Criticality Provisioning
9/14/2016 Zdeněk Hanzále Scheduling Problems in Time-triggered Systems
9/7/2016 Nathan Otterness GPU Sharing for Image Processing in Embedded Real-Time Systems
8/31/2016 Catherine Nemitz Multiprocessor Real-Time Locking Protocols for Replicated Resources

Spring 2016

Date Presenter Topic
4/6/2016 Namhoon Kim/ Vance Miller RTAS Practice Talk/ Honors Thesis Practice Talk
3/30/2016 Namhoon Kim Attacking the One-Out-Of-m Multicore Problem by Combining Hardware Management with Mixed-Criticality Provisioning
3/23/2016 Catherine Jarrett Multiprocessor Real-Time Locking Protocols for Replicated Resources
3/9/2016 Don Smith/ Ming Yang Neural Networks in Automotive Image Processing
3/2/2016 Kecheng Yang ECRTS submissions
2/17/2016 Zhishan Guo Practice Job Talk
2/10/2016 Shahriar Nirjon Efficient and Secure Mobile Communication
2/3/2016 Calvin Deutschbein A Brief Introduction to Machine Assisted Proofs
1/27/2016 Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela/ Vincenzo Bonifaci Memory-Processor Co-Scheduling in Fixed Priority Systems/ Algorithms for hierarchical and semi-partitioned parallel scheduling
1/13/2016 Zhishan Guo When CPS meet Real-Time

Fall 2015

Date Presenter Topic
11/18/2015 Zhishan Guo MC-Fluid: simplified and optimally quantified
11/11/2015 Namhoon Kim Attacking the One-Out-Of-m Multicore Problem by Combining Hardware Management with Mixed-Criticality Provisioning
10/28/2015 Micaiah Chisholm Cache Sharing and Isolation Tradeoffs in Multicore Mixed-Criticality Systems
10/21/2015 Bryan Ward Relaxing Resource-Sharing Constraints for Improved Hardware Management and Schedulability
10/7/2015 Catherine Jarrett A Contention-Sensitive Fine-Grained Locking Protocol for Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
9/30/2015 Kecheng Yang Analysis for Supporting Real-Time Computer Vision Workloads using OpenVX on Multicore+GPU Platforms
9/23/2015 Zhishan Guo The concurrent consideration of uncertainty in WCETs and processor speeds in mixed criticality systems
9/16/2015 Sanjoy Baruah The federated scheduling of systems of conditional sporadic DAG tasks
9/9/2015 Kecheng Yang On the Soft Real-Time Optimality of Global EDF on Multiprocessors: From Identical to Uniform Heterogeneous
9/2/2015 Zhishan Guo EDF Schedulability Analysis on Mixed-Criticality Systems with Permitted Failure Probability

Spring 2015

Date Presenter Topic
4/22/2015 Nathan Fisher Work done after UNC
4/1/2015 Zhishan Guo ICCPS practice talk
3/4/2015 - Discussion of student's on-going work
2/25/2015 Alan Burns A Wormhole NoC Protocol for Mixed Criticality Systems
2/11/2015 Vincenzo Bonifac Feasibility Analysis in the Sporadic DAG Task Model
2/4/2015 Jim Anderson Optimal GEDF-Based Schedulers that Allow Intra-Task Parallelism on Heterogeneous Multiprocessors
1/14/2015 Kecheng Yang Optimal Semi-Partitioning Scheduling on Uniform Heterogeneous Platform

Fall 2014

Date Presenter Topic
11/19/2014 Glenn Elliot RTSS practice talk
11/12/2014 Rui Liu RTSS practice talk
11/5/2014 Zhishan Guo Implementing Mixed-criticality Systems upon a Preemptive Varying-speed Processor
10/29/2014 Cheng-Yang Fu Cache and Memory Coloring
10/22/2014 - Discussion of RTNS and EMWeek
10/8/2014 Mac Mollison Middleware
9/31/2014 Bipasa Chattopadhyay RTNS practice talk
9/24/2014 Kecheng Yang PRP Waiver talk
9/17/2014 Zhishan Guo Mixed-criticality scheduling upon varying-speed multiprocessors
9/10/2014 Bryan Ward RTNS practice talk
9/3/2014 Alexander Wieder Complexity of Multiprocessor Blocking Analysis with Nested Critical Sections
8/27/2014 Rui Liu Independence Threshold: Balancing Tractability and Practicality in Soft Real-Time Stochastic Analysis

Spring 2014

Date Presenter Topic
4/24/2014 Bipasa Chattopadhyay Proposal practice talk
4/17/2014 Prof. Sanjoy Baruah Mixed Criticality
4/10/2014 Bryan Ward Multi-resource Real-time reader/writer locks for Multiprocessors
4/3/2014 Jeremy Erickson Dissipation Bounds: Recovering from Overload in Multicore Mixed-Criticality Systems
3/27/2014 Kecheng Yang Soft real-time scheduling on Heterogeneous Systems
3/20/2014 Zhishan Guo The concurrent consideration of uncertainty in WCETs and processor speeds in Mixed-criticality systems
3/6/2014 Glenn Elliott Response-time minimization of automotive-inspired dataflows on Multicore platforms
2/27/2014 Bipasa Chattopadhyay Limited-preemption scheduling on Multiprocessors motivated by multi-GPU systems
2/20/2014 Namhoon Kim/ Tahsin Kabir Cache coloring implementation in Litmus
2/6/2014 Rui Liu Extreme Value Theory and pWCET
1/23/2014 Mac Mollison Proposal practice talk
1/16/2014 - Lunch
1/9/2014 Kecheng Yang Tardiness Bound on Heterogeneous Systems

Fall 2013

Date Presenter Topic
11/20/2013 Glenn Elliott GPUSYNC: A Framwork for Real-Time GPU Managment
11/13/2013 Zhishan Guo Mixed-criticality Scheduling upon Varying-speed Porcessors
11/6/2013 Prof. Jim Anderson Soft Real-time Scheduling
10/30/2013 Bipasa Chattopadhyay GPU as a shared processing unit
10/23/2013 Glenn Elliott CPS PI-meeting report
10/16/2013 - Lunch
10/09/2013 Prof. Harini Ramaprasad Adaptive Scheduling in a Cyber-Physical Smart Grid System using Cooperating Invariants
09/25/2013 Abhilash Thekkilakattil Resource Augmentation for Performance Guarantees in Embedded Real-time Systems
09/18/2013 Jeremy Erickson Real-time 103
09/11/2013 Jeremy Erickson Real-time 102
09/4/2013 Everyone/ Bryan Ward Summer Updates/ Real-time 101

Fall 2012

Date Presenter Topic
12/5/2012 Glenn Elliott Practice Dissertation Proposal Defense
11/28/2012 No Talk No Talk
11/19/2012 Cong Liu An O(m) Analysis Technique for Supporting Real-Time Self-Suspending Task Systems
11/14/2012 Jeremy Erickson Practice Dissertation Proposal Defense
11/7/2012 No Talk No Talk
10/31/2012 Glenn Elliott and Jeremy Erickson RTAS submission overviews
10/24/2012 No Talk No Talk
10/17/2012 Glenn Elliott The Limitations of Fixed-Priority Interrupt Handling in PREEMPT_RT and Possible Solutions
10/10/2012 No Talk No Talk
10/3/2012 Sanjoy Baruah Review of the ARTIST summer school.
09/24/2012 Cong Liu Practice Job Talk
09/19/2012 Haohan Li Global Mixed-Criticality Scheduling on Multiprocessors
09/12/2012 Jeremy Erickson Fair Lateness Scheduling: Reducing Maximum Lateness in G-EDF-like Scheduling
09/05/2012 Everyone Updates from the summer

Spring 2012

Date Presenter Topic
04/25/2012 No Talk No Talk
04/18/2012 No Talk No Talk
04/11/2012 Jeremy Erickson RTAS practice talk
04/04/2012 Jonathan Herman RTAS practice talk
03/28/2012 No Talk No Talk
03/21/2012 No Talk No Talk
03/14/2012 Glenn Elliott, Chris Kenna, Jonathan Herman Litmus Organizational Meeting
03/07/2012 No Talk Spring Break
02/29/2012 Cong Liu Real-Time Scheduling of Tasks with Suspensions
02/22/2012 Alan Burns Multiprocessor Synchronization
02/15/2012 Bryan Ward Supporting Nested Locking in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
02/08/2012 Haohan Li On Mixed-Criticality Scheduling
02/01/2012 Jeremy Erickson Soft Real-Time Scheduling in Google Earth
01/25/2012 No talk Group lunch
01/18/2012 Chris Kenna, Jonathan Herman, Alex Mills RTSS conference review

Fall 2011

Date Presenter Topic
12/07/2011 Jeremy Erickson Practice talk for OPODIS
11/30/2011 No talk No talk
11/21/2011 Bipasa Chattopadhyay Two resource partitioning problem(Monday 12:30 to 1:30 in FB 120)
11/16/2011 Haohan Li Mixed Criticality
11/9/2011 Sanjoy Baruah Flex Ray
11/2/2011 Glenn Elliott RTCSA talk
10/24/2011 Chris Kenna, Jonathan Herman PRP waiver talks(Monday 12:30 to 2:00 in FB 120)
10/19/2011 Jeremy Erickson, Jonathan Herman Summary of papers submitted to RTAS
10/12/2011 No talk No talk
10/05/2011 No talk No talk
09/28/2011 No talk No talk
09/21/2011 Glenn Elliott An Optimal k-Exclusion Real-Time Locking Protocol Motivated by Multi-GPU Systems
09/14/2011 Mac Mollison Summer school
09/14/2011 Cong Liu Improving the Schedulability of Sporadic Self-Suspending Soft Real-Time Multiprocessor Task Systems
09/07/2011 Various group members Discussion of summer projects
08/31/2011 Risat Pathan Improved Schedulability Tests for Global Fixed-Priority Scheduling
08/24/2011 Alex Mills A Multiprocessor Server-Based Scheduler for Soft Real-time Tasks with Stochastic Execution Demand

Spring 2011

Date Presenter Topic
02/28/2011 Björn Brandenburg OS Infrastructure for Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems: Scheduling and Synchronization
02/21/2011 Bipasa Chattopadhyay Lookup Tables for Partitioned Scheduling
02/14/2011 Cong Liu Precedence Constraints
02/07/2011 Glenn Elliott GPUs
01/31/2011 Alex Mills Integer Programming
01/26/2011 Entire Group Research Plans for Semester
01/19/2011 No talk No talk (social lunch only)

Fall 2010

Date Presenter Topic
12/08/2010 Jeremy Erickson Tardiness Bounds for Global EDF with Deadlines Different from Periods
12/01/2010 No talk No RT Lunch (RTSS)
11/24/2010 No talk No RT Lunch (Thanksgiving Break)
11/17/2010 Mac Mollison The Industrial-Academic Interface: Success Stories from Academic-Industrial Collaboration
11/17/2010 Haohan Li An algorithm for scheduling certifiable mixed-criticality sporadic task systems
11/10/2010 Jonathan Herman Fault Tolerance (COMP790 rescheduled from Friday)
11/03/2010 None No RT Lunch
10/27/2010 Andrea Bastoni An Empirical Comparison of Global, Partitioned, and Clustered Multiprocessor EDF Schedulers
10/20/2010 Glenn Elliott Globally Scheduled Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems with GPUs
10/13/2010 Various group members Overview of recently submitted papers
10/6/2010 Mac Mollison Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Scheduling for Multicore Systems (PRP Waiver talk)
09/29/2010 Cong Liu Supporting Complex Applications with Precedence Constraints on Soft Real-Time Multiprocessors with No Utilization Loss
09/22/2010 Jeremy Erickson Improved Tardiness Bounds for Global EDF
09/15/2010 Andrea Bastoni Cache-Related Preemption and Migration Delays: Empirical Approximation and Impact on Schedulability (Continued)
09/08/2010 Andrea Bastoni Cache-Related Preemption and Migration Delays: Empirical Approximation and Impact on Schedulability
09/01/2010 No talk No talk (Social lunch only)

Spring 2010

Date Presenter Topic
4/21/2010 No talk No talk (Approaching end of semester)
4/14/2010 No talk No talk (Coincides with RTAS)
4/7/2010 Haohan Li Towards the design of certifiable mixed-criticality systems
Alex Mills Stochastic Analysis of Multiprocessor Global Soft Real-Time Scheduling
Cong Liu Scheduling suspendable pipelined tasks with non-preemptive sections in soft real-time multiprocessor systems
3/31/2010 Andrea Bastoni Update on overhead measurement methodology
Cong Liu Update on overhead analysis refactoring
3/24/2010 Cong Liu, Andrea Bastoni, etc. Discussion of overhead analysis and measurement for upcoming paper
3/17/2010 Cong Liu, etc. Discussion of overhead analysis for upcoming paper
3/10/2010 No talk No talk (Spring Break)
3/3/2010 Hennadiy Leontyev Dissertation practice talk
2/24/2010 Haohan Li Mixed-criticality scheduling: improved resource-augmentation results
2/17/2010 No talk No talk
2/10/2010 No talk No talk
2/3/2010 Hennadiy Leontyev Compositional Analysis Techniques for Multiprocessor Soft Real-Time Scheduling
1/27/2010 Jeremy Erickson Improved Tardiness Bounds for Global EDF
1/20/2010 Andrea Bastoni Discovering hypervisor overheads using micro and macrobenchmarks

Fall 2009

Date Presenter Topic
12/1/2009 Björn Brandenburg On the Implementation of Global Real-Time Schedulers
Hennadiy Leontyev Multiprocessor Extensions to Real-Time Calculus
11/25/2009 No talk No talk
11/18/2009 Alex Mills A Stochastic Framework for Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling
11/11/2009 Cong Liu Task Scheduling with Self Suspensions in Soft Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems
11/4/2009 Andrea Bastoni Working with high precision event timers (HPETs)
10/28/2009 No talk No talk
10/21/2009 Guruprasad Aphale BFS by Con Kolivas
10/14/2009 Haohan Li Mixed Criticality Schedulability
10/7/2009 Raphael Guerra A Gravitational Task Model
9/30/2009 No talk No talk
9/23/2009 Hennadiy Leontyev Compositional Analysis Techniques for Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling
9/16/2009 Cong Liu Supporting Pipelines In Soft Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems
9/9/2009 Björn Brandenburg Introduction to Sporadic Tasks and Real-Time Synchronization

Spring 2009

Date Presenter Topic
March 2009 Björn Brandenburg Tutorial: Getting Started with LITMUSRT Development
2/23/2009 John Calandrino On the Design and Implementation of a Cache-Aware Multicore Scheduler
2/16/2009 Björn Brandenburg Recap of the Transactional Memory Workshop held in conjunction with PPoPP'09
2/2/2009 Cong Liu Supporting Pipelines in Soft Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems

Note: Listing is incomplete.

Fall 2008

Date Presenter Topic
11/12/2008 Stephen Olivier A Brief Introduction to a Concise Overview to Transactional Memory
10/22/2008 Sanjoy Baruah Demand Bound Function Related Schedulability Tests
10/8/2008 Björn Brandenburg A Partial Overview of Real-Time Synchronization (Part 3)
10/1/2008 Björn Brandenburg A Partial Overview of Real-Time Synchronization (Part 2)
9/24/2008 Björn Brandenburg A Partial Overview of Real-Time Synchronization (Part 1)
9/17/2008 John Calandrino LinSched: The Linux Scheduler Simulator
9/10/2008 Björn Brandenburg An Overview of Litmus
9/3/2008 Hennadiy Leontyev Flexible Support for Soft Real-Time Multiprocessing Systems
8/27/2008 John Calandrino Cache-Aware Real-Time Scheduling on Multicore Platforms

Pre 2008

Real-Time Lunch has been around forever (i.e., longer than the current grad student generation), but the old schedules have been lost in the sands of time. Rumor has it that the talks were great, though. ;-)