Accessible YouTube

** WARNING: YouTube searches may contain unsuitable content! **

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Switch-Access Navigation:

Left Arrow or Enter/Return -> Confirm choice
Right Arrow or Spacebar -> Go to next choice
Up Arrow -> Go to last choice

Searching For Videos

To start watching videos, someone with the ability to type will have to perform the initial search. Type your query in the search bar on the home page and hit "Search" (or press Enter/Return). Now, the Switch-Enabled user has full control over navigating through YouTube.

Searching For Playlists

To search for a YouTube playlist, you must get the URL of the playlist by copying the URL from, or you must copy the playlist ID. Once you have either of these, paste the URL or ID into the search bar. Now, the user will be able to watch custom playlists and navigate them using Switch-Accessible controls. For more information on how to create a YouTube playlist, seek help on

Bookmarking/Sharing Videos/Playlists

Any page, video, or playlist may be bookmarked for later use. To do this, simply save the current location as a bookmark. To share a page, video, or playlist, copy and paste the current URL (in the address bar) and send it to whomever you wish to share the page, video, or playlist.


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