Help test the new Tar Heel Reader

| tags: enabling technology, literacy

The new edition of Tar Heel Reader is ready for testing. Please give it a try and report any problems you see. Also, tell us ways we can improve it to meet the needs of your students.

Note this isn't yet ready for production; it will move to the after the testing is done. I can't guarrantee that anything you create with this testing version will make it into the final version.

New features include:

  • Much more capable search. Now you can search for Reviewed books about Animals that are suited for Everybody. The search settings are sticky so they will persist through your session.
  • Switch access to all books; not just the Favorites page. Try using right and left arrow (or any of the access keys) on the Find page.
  • Support for tablets and phones such as the iPad and iPhone with a streamlined touch-enabled interface.
  • Download books in ePub format for direct import into iBooks and other eReaders.
  • Now you can create and share Collections of books.
  • Create books from your own photos at Flickr. Enter the email address you use at Flickr in the editor's image search box to show your own pictures. This will allow you to snap pictures with your smart phone using the Flickr app and immediately use them in a book.
  • Support for many more languages in the user interface. Help us translate the interface into your language.