CamKeys is a simple camera-based alternative keyboard

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People with severely impaired movement often use one or two switches to control their computers and/or communication devices. Even though the switch is arguably the simplest electrical component, when it becomes an assistive technology it is likely to cost the end user hundred's of dollars. On the other hand, a fantastically complex electronic device, the USB camera, is available at discount stores for a few dollars. CamKeys is a simple python program that makes a cheap camera emulate any number of switches. It simply generates key events when user-specified regions of the camera image change.


Sending Key Events to pygame programs

| tags: programming

I needed to send key events from one python program to another. Using SendKeys on Windows worked fine in my tests but when I tried to send key events to a pygame program it completely ignored them. Some searching revealed that DirectInput ignores events generated with SendKeys. I learned that I needed to use SendInput. I found lots of partial examples but nothing that quite did the job. Here is some code (scraped together from multiple web pages) that works for me:


CoScripter and Accessibility

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Pete pointed me to CoScripter , a tool from IBM intended to automate web processes. He and I have been talking for a while about "grass roots" accessibility in which end-users are enabled to easily make and share accessibility improvements for web sites. CoScripter looks like a step in that direction.



| tags: programming, links

Tom sent me to a pointer to AxsJAX , an AJAX variant designed to be accessible a framework designed to make AJAX accessible.


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