Add DNS Search to Natty

| tags: ubuntu

I don't want to have to type when I'm at home. gb should be sufficient. Adding search domains is harder than it should be. I finally got it to work by editing /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and adding the line: prepend domain-search "";


Spatial sound game ideas

| tags: blind, sound, enabling technology, ideas

I've been talking with Diane and Anish about ideas for simple sound games that will help children who are blind learn to navigate. I'm writing these notes to help us get on the same page in our understanding about what would be helpful and what might be possible. Of course, much more could be done with the amazing technology Anish has in hand but I'm thinking very simply here to hopefully enable implementation in the web browser so anyone can play online.


Braille Game Ideas

| tags: blind, enabling technology, ideas

I think I see how to make the DDR pad work with this new generation of browser-based games so I'm thinking about a successor to Braille Twister. I don't know if we'll have it ready for Maze Day but we'll see. I'd like your feedback on the concept.


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