Disable balloon tips in Thunderbird

| tags: ubuntu

I've started using Lightning for my calendar and I really like it except for the stupid balloon tips that pop up and get stuck every time my mouse passes over the Thunderbird window, even when it is below another window. I turned them off with Edit->Preferences->Advanced Tab->Config Editor... and setting to false. Much better now.


Big Words Interface Ideas

| tags: motor impaired, enabling technology, literacy

I'm thinking about the client-side interface to our Big Words project with the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies. Rebecca is making good progress on the server-side logic for the games, the instructive feedback machinery that is the essence of this approach. But we need a good looking user interface to keep kids coming back.


Desensitizing kids with autism to stressful experiences with VR

| tags: enabling technology, autism, ideas

Karen suggests it might be useful to develop VR scenarios to help kids become accustomed to normally stressful audio over stimulation without the added social burden of having to deal with people at the same time. For example, many kids can't go to the movie theater because the THX sound thing at the beginning overwhelms them. If they could experience that THX sound in a controlled environment with gradually increasing volume it might not be so bad when it happened at the theater.


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