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Improving the cheap Braille display

| tags: blind, enabling technology

Karen suggests that I emulate what Kevin Ivarson did and give feedback on key press to guide the user to the right keys. Right now I record on release but could announce the letters on press to allow the user to get it right before releasing.


Text Adventure Writing Tool

| tags: ideas, enabling technology

Suggested in a meeting with Karen and Gretchen. How about a text-adventure make-your-on-story tool that has simple text on screen and presents a kid with a first person adventure that allows them to make choices and construct a narrative as they go? Like the text-adventure games of old, you're given a starting scenario ("you're outside a house at the end of a road") and allows you to choose whether to enter the house or walk down the road. Ideas include:


Example Maps

| tags: blind, maps, enabling technology

Some maps Diane sent to help us think about text-based maps. She said:

I have faxed several maps to you. Eastern Alamance High School is a series of buildings connected by covered sidewalks. On my map, the buildings are shaded yellow. The section with X and circles (bushes) is the outside courtyard. There is a map of Northgate Mall (Durham). I have a poor map of GMS. The last map is a street map of the area around GMS. The numbers on this map correspond with restaurants (see last page).


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