DDR pad setup

Hark the Sound version 3.3 allows you to use a Dance-Dance-Revolution (DDR) Pad as the input for children to play the games. This approximately 3 by 3 foot plastic pad is designed for use in popular dancing games on the Play Station 2 console. With an adapter the pad can be plugged in to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port on your computer and used by Hark.

We have had good luck with the pads and adapters available from Level Six online. The EMS USB Adapter (PSX/PS2) and the DDR Non-Slip Dance Mat (PSX/PS2) work very well with Hark the Sound games.

The adapter comes with an unmarked floppy disk. You do NOT need this and should NOT install it. The adapter has a tiny switch on the side; be sure it is in the PC position. The computer will only recognize the DDR pad if the switch is on PC. Plug the DDR pad onto the adapter and the adapter into the USB port on your computer before starting up Hark the Sound.

The “classic” Hark games can be played using the arrow keys (as before) or can be played using the arrow buttons on the DDR mat. Braille Twister games, Pad Play games and Whack-it require the DDR mat.