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Andrew Maimone

Graduate Student / Research Assistant
Dept. of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

maimone АT

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(Last updated April 2015)




I am a Ph.D student at UNC-Chapel Hill currently studying near-eye and 3D displays under Prof. Henry Fuchs in a research group that is part of the BeingThere International Research Centre for Tele-Presence and Tele-Collaboration. My research interests include near-eye displays, 3D displays, 3D acquisition systems, computer graphics, computer vision, and augmented and virtual reality. During the summers of 2013 & 2014, I interned at NVIDIA Research. During the spring of 2012, I visited the Camera Culture Group of the MIT Media Lab. Previously I worked at Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems.

I am currently working as a Research Scientist at Oculus Research (Facebook).


Maimone, A. Computational See-Through Near-Eye Displays. PhD Dissertation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Computer Science, defended on April 8, 2015. Committee: Henry Fuchs (advisor), Gary Bishop, Jan-Michael Frahm, Douglas Lanman, David Luebke [paper]

Selected Publications

Maimone, A., Lanman D., Rathinavel, K., Keller, K., Luebke, D., and Fuchs, H. Pinlight Displays: Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Eyeglasses Using Defocused Point Light Sources. SIGGRAPH 2014 (Vancouver, Canada, August 10-14, 2014)[paper][video][website][news 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]
Maimone, A., Chen, R., Fuchs, H., Raskar, R., and Wetzstein, G. Wide Field of View Compressive Light Field Display using a Multilayer Architecture and Tracked Viewers SID Display Week 2014 (San Diego, CA, USA, June 1-6, 2014)[paper][video clip]
Maimone, A. and Fuchs, H. Computational Augmented Reality Eyeglasses The IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2013 (Adelaide, Australia, October 1-4, 2013) [paper]
Maimone, A., Wetzstein, G., Hirsch, M., Lanman, D., Raskar, R., and Fuchs, H. 2013. Focus 3D: Compressive accommodation display ACM Trans. Graph. 32, 5. Article 153 (September 2013) 13 pages. [paper] [paper supplement] [video] [project website]
Maimone, A., Yang, X., Dierk, N., State, A., Dou, M., and Fuchs, H. General-Purpose Telepresence with Head-Worn Optical See-Through Displays and Projector-Based Lighting IEEE Virtual Reality 2013 (Orlando, FL, USA, March 16-23, 2013) [Award: Best short paper][paper][video][featured on PBS Nova scienceNOW]
Maimone, A. and H. Fuchs. Reducing Interference Between Multiple Structured Light Depth Sensors Using Motion IEEE Virtual Reality 2012 (Orange County, CA, USA, March 4-8, 2012) [Award: Best short paper] [paper] [video] [joint video w/ MS Research]
Maimone, A. and H. Fuchs. Encumbrance-free Telepresence System with Real-time 3D Capture and Display using Commodity Depth Cameras The IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2011 (Basel, Switzerland, October 26-29, 2011) [paper] [video][project page]

Other Publications

Maimone, A., and Fuchs, H. High Efficiency Light Field Display. 2015 GPU Technology Conference Posters (San Jose, CA, Mar. 17-20, 2015)[poster]
Zheng, F., Whitted, T., Lastra, A., Lincoln, P., State, A., Maimone, A., and Fuchs, H. Minimizing Latency for Augmented Reality Displays: Frames Considered Harmful ISMAR 2014 (Munich, Germany, Sept. 10-12, 2014)[paper]
Maimone, A., Bidwell, J., Peng, K., and Fuchs, H. Enhanced Personal Autostereoscopic Telepresence System using Commodity Depth Cameras Computers & Graphics, Volume 36, Issue 7, November 2012, Pages 791-807 [paper]
Maimone, A. and H. Fuchs. Real-Time Volumetric 3D Capture of Room-Sized Scenes for Telepresence 3DTV Conference: The True Vision - Capture, Transmission and Display of 3D Video (3DTV-CON) 2012 (Zurich, Switzerland, October 15-17, 2012) [paper] [video]
Maimone, A. and H. Fuchs. A First Look at a Telepresence System with Room-Sized Real-Time 3D Capture and Large Tracked Display The 21st International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT) (Osaka, Japan, November 28-30, 2011) [paper] [video]