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What do I do?

I've received my PhD from UNC CS, and I'm now working at Nintendo Technology Development in Redmond, WA. I'm working on developing Nintendo's next-generation game-console technology.

While I was at UNC, I worked on developing an architecture for high-speed interactive computer graphics. The architecture is known as "sort-first", and it involves an adaptive screen-space subdivision with screen regions mapped to the various processors of a multicomputer. The graphics primitives migrate to the correct processor for proper display. For more information about this, look here.

I have also done some development for the Pixel-Planes 5 graphics computer system and for the PixelFlow system. These are both exciting systems for high-speed graphics, based upon the "sort-middle" and "sort-last" architectures, respectively. If you don't have a pdf reader, you can go here for some additional information on these systems (or here to get Adobe's Acroread.)

In addition, as part of my background research on parallel computer graphics systems, I have done some research about image generators for flight simulation systems. I wrote this report with its annotated bibliography. (They are in Postscript format.)

3D Graphics Primer

In response to some of the misinformation that's spreading out there about how 3D graphics works, I put together this little primer.


I used to maintain a Sun FAQ. I called it the comp.sys.sun.hardware pseudo-FAQ. James Birdsall took this and other information to make the Sun Hardware Reference. Why all this stuff about Suns? Well, I used to wheel and deal with old Sun equipment. Then I ran out of money and came to my senses. Now I just dabble with PCs and Macs.

Here are some handy links. Here's some a certain HP laptop user may need.