• Estimation of Physical Properties.

  • Road Crossing Simulator for Visually Impaired.

  • Ray Tracing Visualization Tool.

  • Collision Systems.

  • Engine a 3D framework.

  • Cloth Simulation.

  • Fluid Simulation.

  • Ray Tracing.

  • Julia Set Fractal.

  • Fractals.

  • Blockerz.

  • Carom 3D.

  • Viroidz.

  • UAV Simulator.

  • Game Designing Tool.


Majority of my work is related to computer graphics and computer games. On this website you can easily have a look at all the exciting projects and games that I have developed.

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Estimation of Physical Properties of Rigid Bodies The goal of this project is to estimate physical properties such as coefficient of restitution, friction etc. December, 2014
Road Crossing Simulator for Visually Impaired The goal of this application is to train visually impaired users to cross the road. December, 2014
RayTracing and Visualization The main objective of this tool is to help the students of computer graphics to visualize and understand the ray tracing technique. November, 2013
Fluid Simulation Its a realtime implementation of 260k fluid particles on GPU using Navier-Stokes equations. September, 2013
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