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What is Route66?

ALL Link's name has changed to Route 66. It's main purpose is to teach children to read. Through the Center for Literacy & Disability Studies, the program is intended to be an online solution, accessible by users all over the world. People will be able to contact Karen Erickson, ask for a log in and set up a payment plan, and begin using the system. In addition to teaching students to read, the system helps physical therapists learn to give reading instruction to students. Technologies employed to create this project include PHP4, MySQL 4, and Javascript.

User Levels

There are several levels of users.

1) The super administrator has rights over all users, and is in charge of setting up administrators, and approving content into the system.

2) Administrators are in charge of 2 tasks, creating system content, and administering over teachers

3) Teachers work with students, and can have multiple students assigned to them.

4) Students can read stories.

The levels are such that each level (from the top) absorbs the rights of the level below. For example, an administrator is a teacher, and a super administrator is an administrator and a teacher.


The main architecture is as follows:

The system is composed of several sub-systems, including administration, content creation, and reading activities. The system runs off of mysql, the database management system. Also, the system runs through a script for authentication.

Flow Charts

There are several user levels, including super administrator, administrators, and teachers. The following are flow charts for each level.
Super Admin




Documentation for the project can be found at the link: Documentation


Furthermore, the powerpoint slides for the project are available at: Presentation


Deployed Version (email gary bishop for login information)