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Gary Bishop gb at unc.edu
Sitterson 011
Monday/Wednesday 11:00 – 12:15

I’ll be happy to meet with you. Check my schedule online. Send email suggesting an open time that works for you. I’ll confirm if I can meet you then.

Book Report

Everyone will read a book and write a short book report. After 1 March, at the beginning of class, I may choose a random person to talk for approximately 10 minutes about the book you read. More info on the BookReport page.


Most of your grade will be based on your project. Many ideas for projects can be found in ProjectIdeas and you are welcome to propose project ideas of your own.

Interesting Links

Check out these pages for OpportunitiesForSummerResearch, ConferenceInfo, and EnablingTechnologyLinks.



Assigned Due
12 January 19 January Read about PersonFirstLanguage
12 January 9 March BookReport
19 January 31 January Talk to Gary about your project
23 February 25 February Email Gary your team composition
23 February 7 March Prepare an in-class presentation of your project

Final Project Presentations

We are going to try to cram the final presentations into 3 instead of 4 days in order to allow for our demo day in the 27th. Each team will have 20 minutes TOTAL to present your project. You probably should plan on 18 minutes or so because of time required to switch off.

The schedule for presentations is below. This schedule is dictated by the attendance of several guests who are interested in particular kinds of projects.

18 April 11:00–11:20 David, Megan, Michael, Michael Mazes
11:20–11:40 Sasa Chat
11:40–12:00 Nolan allTunes
20 April 11:00–11:20 Kalpit Sound Synthesis
11:20–11:40 Jonathan Path Finder
11:40–12:00 Ben, Kristy Speak Ease
12:00–12:20 Eden, Matt Sounds Like Fun
25 April 11:00–11:20 Brett Hawking Toolbar
11:20–11:40 Eric Web Typer
11:40–12:00 Brad ALLLink
12:00–12:20 Jason Head Typer


12 January Introduction
17 January Holiday
20 January Project ideas, Apples
24 January Diane Brauner, Orientation and Mobility, BraunerNotes
26 January Karen Erickson, Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, EricksonNotes
31 January Discussion
2 February Ann Maloney, “Dance-Dance Revolution in Medicine” MaloneyNotes
7 February Lynne Deese, NC Assistive Technology Project, DeeseNotes
9 February Charles Finley, Cochlear Implants, FinleyNotes
14 February Chayaderie N. and Vijaya K. Guntupalli, ECU Stuttering Research, StutteringNotes
16 February Rich Goldberg, BME Assistive Technology Projects GoldbergNotes
21 February Sound and Fury
23 February Austin Hogue, from Apples
28 February Sound and Fury discussion
2 March Canceled
7 March Project Previews
9 March Project Previews
14 March Spring Break
16 March Spring Break
21 March
23 March Canceled
28 March Jason Morris, Using computers without sight, MorrisNotes
30 March Peter Parente, Clique, ParenteNotes
4 April
6 April Elaine Coonrod, Autism, CoonrodNotes
11 April Thomas Logan, Microsoft Accessibility
13 April Discussion
18 April Project Presentations
20 April Project Presentations
25 April Project Presentations
27 April ET VIB Demo Day

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