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Lynne Deese from NCATP

The main objective of NCATP is to alter the environment and/or its demands to meet most individulas needs, in contrast to how we presently modify the individual and/or their needs to fit into the environment.

A few points regarding NCATP

So, from the presentation we should glean that we will never be able to predict all of the difficulties users might face in using our products, but that without some conscious efforts such as having disabled users in mind as well as testing our product with a wide range of users, our products’ respective qualities can only improve to an unecessarily low limit.

Also, as far as accessible computer applications,

Some kind of crazy (supposedly ergonomic) one-handed keyboard

Picture-to-speech machine, seems quite useful, definite lack of wirty dords

Megan uses an Augmentative Communications device that has text-to-speech as well as picture-to-speech capabilities

close up of Augmentative Communications device pictured above

Lynne Deese also recommends that we at least check out restbitz. (Windows only)