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Pete Parente’s Clique

Current Screen Readers

Today’s screen readers like Jaws are very limited because they:


Clique attempts to provide more info and ease of use through the following methods:

Clique Control

Another advantage of Clique is that it is the only interface that the user has to deal with. With Jaws, the user is controlling the computer normally and controlling Jaws as well. In addition, computer navigation is difficult since it is designed for use with a mouse and contains more options than is needed for normal use. With Clique, the user only controls Clique, and then Clique provides the control of the computer through scripts. Thus, the myriad of functions in Outlook Express is reduced to “Read Mail” and “Write Mail”, although additional functions can be added.

Clique’s control is modelled after a human conversation. You can imagine that you are speaking to the active program (such as Outlook Express if you’re currently writing an email), but other background applications will try to get your attention is something happens to them. For example, if an event occurs such as “page done loading” in your web browser while your are writing an email, Clique will play a sound to inform you that the specific event has occured. Then you can acknowledge that sound to go straight to the browser, rather than manually going through active applications to find the right one. Or you can just ignore it and continue writing your email.

Clique Uses

Clique doesn’t have to be for just blind users. For example,

Additional Info on Clique

More information on Clique can be found at Peter Parente’s site