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“Chayaderie N. and Vijaya K. Guntupalli on Stuttering Improvement”

Three ECU representatives came to class to inform us about SpeechEasy (http://www.speecheasy.com) which is a breakthrough device designed to improve stuttering.

We started off class with a video about SpeechEasy. Here are a few main points…

Following the video, Chayaderie gave a great power point presentation:

Here is what we learned:

Facts about Stuttering

Treatments developed for stuttering thus far

Choral Speech

Ideas for SpeechEasy taken from Choral Speech

After hearing about all of the issues with helping people who stutter, we were introduced to a device that actually works, SpeechEasy. It works 70–85 percent of the time!!!

The SpeechEasy

After learing about the SpeechEasy and the impact it can have on persons who stutter, another video was shown. This final video really allowed us to see a positive improvement with SpeechEasy, especially on a boy who had incredibly obvious facial expressions from his stuttering.

This presentation was a wonderful way of informing our class on the impact of technology. It was wonderful to see such an amazing device that is making a huge impact on society. If you would like more information on SpeechEasy I have several brochures and a video everyone is welcome to.