Enabling Technology


Jason Morningstar: ITS Communications

Mark: Musicology Grad Student

  • Position:
    • Assists UNC Disability Dept
    • Evaluates resources, works with webmasters, policies, federal mandates
    • Support assistive technology (help students, assist with classroom design)
    • Training: 6–8 classes
    • Advocate for policy
    • Keep up with technology
    • Advocate for system-wide resources
  • Electronic Content
    • “Accessibility as a subset of useability” approach
    • Flash: many uses are very inaccessible (drag and drop)
    • Descriptive audio
      • controls neccessary to work with screen reader
      • another voice to describe background
      • “Just enough info in a small space without disrupting dialog” -Mark
      • On a second track for DVDs etc (SAP)
    • Currently no good accessible DVD players, iPods etc
    • iPod audio interface (Mark was very enthusiastic about this idea)
    • Currently no standard for any video display (DVD/TV menus etc)
      • Have to memmorize button combinations
  • Current UNC policy on web accessibility: none
  • Webmasters
    • Usual question, What do I have to do?: state/federal mandates (alt tags etc)
    • Online guidelines ideal
    • Functional vs technical (Mark helps with testing)
    • Most ppl with disabilities use ie (this is changing though)
  • Finished up with Mark’s music theory rant
  • “Read one for me” – Mark on being able to read a book.