Enabling Technology


Welcome to the Wiki for the Spring 2006 edition of Enabling Technology (Comp 190–039 and Comp 290–039).

Gary Bishop
Sitterson 115
Monday/Wednesday 9:30–10:45

I’ll be happy to meet with you. Check my schedule online. Send email suggesting an open time that works for you. I’ll confirm if I can meet you then.

Book Report

Everyone will read a book and write a short book report. After 1 March, at the beginning of class, I may choose a random person to talk for approximately 10 minutes about the book you read. More info on the BookReport page.

Student Report
Kirstin KirstinBookReport
Jason JasonBookReport
Doug DougBookReport
Avery AveryBookReport
Keith KeithBookReport
Christina ChristinaBookReport


Most of your grade will be based on your project. Many ideas for projects can be found in ProjectIdeas and you are welcome to propose project ideas of your own.

Student Project Description
Doug WebFeelerFinal WebFeeler A conduit model Firefox extension that will push HTML to text-to-Braille translation packages.
Christina StayingConnected StayingConnectedFinal Using the internet to enable people to help one another
Kirstin BigWordsFinal (Proposal KirstinsBigWords) Breaking the 2nd grade reading barrier
Jason MazeProjectFinalReport MazeGame Accessible maze using sound
Keith StepNTime (formerly PadsNSwitches) Accessible Dance-Dance Revolution
Avery IntelliGames Educational Games using IntelliKeys


Assigned Due Assignment
11 Jan 22 Mar BookReport in the Wiki
6 Feb 13 Feb PersonFirstLanguage
31 Jan 20 Feb ProjectDescription

Interesting Links

Check out these pages for OpportunitiesForSummerResearch, ConferenceInfo, and EnablingTechnologyLinks.



11 Jan Introduction
16 Jan Holiday
18 Jan Diane Brauner, Orientation and Mobility
23 Jan Peter Parente, Linux Screen Reader, ParenteNotes
25 Jan Diane Brauner, What blind kids need, BraunerNotes
30 Jan Ryan Wishum, Augcom, WishumNotes
01 Feb Discussion, Feb1Notes
06 Feb T. Carter Bethea, MD, DDR, BetheaNotes
08 Feb Kevin Caves, Duke BME, CavesNotes
13 Feb Video, Sound and Fury, SoundAndFuryNotes
15 Feb Gretchen Hanser, AAC and Literacy, HanserNotes
20 Feb Charlie Finley, UNC, Cochlear Implants, FinleyNotes
22 Feb Communication Discussion, CommunicationNotes
27 Feb (postponed)
01 Mar Elaine Coonrod, TEACCH, Autism
06 Mar Shane Dittmar, ShaneNotes
08 Mar Interim Project Reports, ReportNotes
13 Mar Spring Break
15 Mar Spring Break
20 Mar Vijaya Guntupall, ECU, Stuttering, GuntupallNotes
22 Mar
27 Mar Doug, CSUN DougNotes
29 Mar (Canceled) Andres Gonzalez, Adobe
03 Apr Thomas Logan, Microsoft, ThomasNotes
05 Apr Jason Morningstar, Web accessibility, JasonNotes
10 Apr Lynne Deese, NCATP
12 Apr How hard can this be?, Learning Disabilities
17 Apr
19 Apr Project Presentations
24 Apr Project Presentations
26 Apr Public Demonstrations