Enabling Technology


Inside the Wiki each of you should have a your own home page. After you login you’ll see your WikiName listed in the site navigation links on the right. This page should be the root for pages you create for class.

From your home page, create a new page describing your project. We’re in a shared namespace so we’ll have to be careful to avoid name conflicts. MyProject is probably a lousy name. A descriptive name is probably best though I hate making up names more than the average person, so if you want to use something boring like DougsProject I won’t complain.

By 20 February I want you to commit to a project. On your project page I want to see:

  • What do you propose to do?
  • Who is it intended to help?
  • Who will be your domain expert to help you understand the problem and evaluate your solution?
  • What tools you will need?
  • What are the unresolved issues you’ll have to work out?
  • How will you demonstrate success?