morse code and enabing technology

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Project Info

Authors: Jeremy Cribb and Doug Daniell
This site is for a course project in Comp190/290, an Enabling Technology course taught by Gary Bishop during Spring 2003 at the UNC-Chapel Hill Computer Science Dept.
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Comp 190

The goal of this class is to educate technically-minded students in the types of disabilities that exist and the ways in which modern tools can be used to assist people with disabilities. The focus is on first-hand lectures from professionals in enabling technology, along with group research projects.

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Try a Demo

Unfortunately, we cannot offer our software for a wide variety of platforms. We designed it to run solely on the Sharp Zaurus. But if you happen to have one, or are just interested in looking at our code, we have placed some links here to our program source.

Zaurus Source Files

Python Source - executable script ""

May also require some of the following:

Python 2.2 for Sharp Zaurus

PyQT Windowing Library for Zaurus

Windows Files

Download - executable script "" and supporting files

Microsoft Speech SDK

Python Homepage