morse code and enabing technology

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Project Info

Authors: Jeremy Cribb and Doug Daniell
This site is for a course project in Comp190/290, an Enabling Technology course taught by Gary Bishop during Spring 2003 at the UNC-Chapel Hill Computer Science Dept.
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Comp 190

The goal of this class is to educate technically-minded students in the types of disabilities that exist and the ways in which modern tools can be used to assist people with disabilities. The focus is on first-hand lectures from professionals in enabling technology, along with group research projects.

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Links to Additional Resources


Sharp Zaurus - Our platform of choice

Festival Speech Synthesis System

Flite TTS Library - Lightweight version of Festival

Bluetooth Cable Replacement for wireless input

Open Zaurus - Open Source OS Replacement

Morse Code

Morse Code Guide from a radio persepective

History of the Telegraph

CGI Morse Code Translator - this is pretty neat

Early Augmentative Communication - an interesting research paper about computer access

Morse Code - Training Program

Morseall - Linux text entry with a 2-button mouse