Point Grey Cameras

Point Grey has a great website and support organization. The documentation below is just a snapshot so always check their website for new updates.


The PGR products we have used all are microcontroller based, and firmware upgrades can be downloaded and installed over 1394. The firmware are *.zim files and are downloaded with the UpdatorGUI.exe utility.


All PGR downloads are password protected with a unique password assigned per product. (See Towles for our passwords).


        PGR FlyCapture Software

                User Manual and API Reference, V 1.4


        PGR IEEE-1394 Cameras

                Digital Camera Register Reference Manual, Revised Feb 19, 2004

                (Provides a comparison of features and register definitions between all PGR cameras)


Technical Application Notes

Configuring and testing the RS-232 serial port  - April 22, 2004

Synchronizing to an external device using Trigger Mode (Dragonfly)June 1, 2004

PGR FlyCapture SDK Color Processing Algorithm PerformanceJune 1, 2004

Synchronizing to an External Signal using TriggerMode_0July 30, 2004

IBIS5 (Scorpion) Burned Pixel SpecificationJuly 30, 2004

Frame Rate Control of DragonFly CamerasFeb 23, 2005 (Towles)

Setting a GPIO Pin to Strobe – April 15, 2005

Buffering a GPIO Output Signal using an Optocoupler to Drive Ext. Devices – June 3, 2005



                Calibration Data Extraction and Usage Notes – S. Larsen



                Technical Reference Manual, Sept 29, 2004

                Dragonfly Little Known Facts (compiled by Towles)


DragonFly Express

                        Getting Started Manual, Nov 4, 2004

                        Case Dimensions

                Note: To use PRG 1394b devices you must downgrade 1394b OHCI SP2 drivers to SP2. Run fixSP2g.exe to do so.



                Getting Started Manual, Sept 29, 2004



        Technical Reference Manual, Revised 20 Feb 04


        Sync Unit

                User Guide (Draft, June 12, 2001)

                        Sync Unit Documentation, v1.0


I opened the sync unit box to find:

·         PCB labeled p/n 15-6000-0020 Sync Unit V2.0.

·         1394 Chipset: TI TSB12LV32 and TSB41LV02A (two sets for each end)

·         Xilinx Spartan XC2S50 fpga

·         Atmel AT91FR4081 32-bit ARM microcontroller with 8Mbit flash memory.

·         an unpopulated 54-ping DIP outline (extra memory???)


            UNC Site Details

            eBooks and 3DTI Cabling Configuration – Spring 2004