LaTex under Windows


Several of us use WinEdt and MiKTex. While the installation process is painful, once you get it running the tools let you build pdf, ps and dvi files very easily.


Our research group (not the department or graphics group) has a 10-user license for WinEdt5x. Please send Herman an email if you decide to install this. We will adhere to the license agreement!


It’s probably best to download these tools from the website. I am currently running WinEdt V5.3 and MiKTex V2.3. I use it in conjunction with Ghostgum Software’s GSView 4.3. I believe the latter is available from the department.



Old 2001 Installation Notes by Ruigang Yang.  If you install, please consider updating this documentation.



Some Example Projects:

  1. CVRV03.prj  (towles)

·        Open project cvrc.prj

·        PdfTexify” (bear/pdf button) this project to compile and produce an output .pdf file.

·        Not a great example as the bibliography is inline in the cvrv.tex file instead of a separate .bib file.


Useful Key Macro


shift+ctrl+alt+right_arrow      insert % at beginning of each line of highlighted text

shift+ctrl+alt+left_arrow        delete % at beginning of each line of highlighted text