3D+Time Reconstructions

The pages linked below show 3D+time reconstructions of Herman Towles' and Dr. Bruce Cairns' hands tying knots, as well as a reconstruction of a mock surgery done by Dr. Bruce Cairns on a torso model.  The sequences of 3D models were captured as video streams on the Camera Cube Acquisition System and reconstructed in 3D+time using custom software.  The reconstructed sequences are shown as stereo stills and movies, and also as VRML data sets with a VCR-like interface allowing the user to scan through the sequence forward and backward in time.







The knot reconstructions were generated by Adrian Ilie, using software by Ruigang Yang.  The torso pretend surgery reconstructions were done by  Ruigang Yang.  This work is part of the "Electronic Books" project.  The PI is Prof. Andries van Dam; The Co-PI is Prof. Greg Welch.  The material on these pages was prepared by Andrei State and Adrian Ilie.  The interactive VRML slider was derived from one of Gregory Seidman's VRML2 Widgets.  The torso surgery data sets were manually cleaned up with PointShop3D.  This work was supported by the National Science Foundation (award No. IIS-0121657).

Latest update: September 1, 2004