DARPA / Office of Naval Research

Wide Area Visuals for a Simulator in a Box
Award No. N000014-03-1-0589
Harold Hawkins, Technical Representation
Ralph Chatham, DARWARS Program Manager
Elizabeth Ford, Awarding Office Contact

National Library of Medicine

3D Telepresence for Medical Consultation: Extending Medical Expertise Throughout, Between and Beyond Hospitals
Contract No. N01-LM-3-3514
Valerie Syed, Contracting Officer, OAM, NLM
Craig Locatis, Scalable Information Infrastructure Project Officer

National Science Foundation

Real-Time Long Distance Terascale Computation for Full Bandwidth Tele-Immersion
Grant No. IIS-0121293
Junku Yuh, NSF Program Manager

National Science Foundation/Brown University

Electronic Books for the Tele-Immersion Age: A Paradigm for Teaching Surgical Procedures
Award No. IIS-0121657
Ephraim Glinert, Program Manager

National Science Foundation

Tera-Pixels: Using High-Resolution Pervasive Displays to Transform Collaboration and Teaching
Award No. EIA-0303590
Darleen L. Fisher, Program Manager

Department of Energy/Sandia National Labs/LLNL

Group Tele-Immersion , PixelFlex Display Wall and Tracking Technologies
Subcontract No. B519834
Program: Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC, formerly Accelerated Strategic
Computing Initiative [ASCI]) VIEWS (Visual Interactive Environment for Weapons Simulation)
Christine Yang, Program Manager - Sandia National Labs/CA

Last updated Fri, Jul 30, 2004