Office of the Future and Tele-Immersion in the News:

Tele-Immersion: Virtually Here!
Information Technology, August 2003 (local copy)

3-D Visualization
ARCHI-TECH Magazine, Jan/Feb 2002. (local copy) Reproduced with permission from ARCHI-TECH magazine; Jan/Feb 2002.

Tele-immersion: Tomorrow's Teleconferencing
Computer Graphics World, January 2001 (local copy)

Virtually There
Scientific American, April 2001 (local copy)

Van Dam project hopes to marry 3-D graphics with interactive electronic books that one day may train surgeons using virtual reality
Brown University George Street Journal, October 2001(local copy)

Internet Meeting the Future
Tele-immersion makes virtual conferencing more real

MIT's Technology Review, September/October, 2000 (local copy)

The Idea Lab
Face-to-Face Across Cyberspace

Navigator Online, November 9, 2000 (local copy)

Being there
NewScientist, October 21, 2000 (local copy)

How Holographic Environments Will Work
HowStuffWorks, November 27, 2000 (local copy)

Tele-Immersion Prepares for Education Debut, November 28, 2000 (local copy)

Closeness at a Distance
Can Virtual Technology Ever Achieve That Human Touch?

The Washington Post, November 28, 2000 (local copy)

Virtual Visions
UNC Daily Tarheel, December 11, 2000 (local copy)

U. of U. Helping Take Video Conference From Realm of Sci-Fi Into Reality of Hi-Fi 3-D Video Conference in Works at U. of U.
The Salt Lake Tribune, May 1999 (local copy)

Future Tech: Virtual Reality 2.0
Discover Magazine
, September 1999 (local copy)

As Net Turns 30, the Sequel Is Still in

New York Times, October 7, 1999 (local copy)
   (the print version included sketch by Andrei State)