FAQs, LKFs (Little Know Facts) and Reference Information of the OOTF Project Team







1394 Firewire

1394 Trade Organization

1394 IIDC Camera Specification, (Version 1.2), (Version 1.3)


Getting Started with 1394 IIDC Cameras


DirectShow vs. Vendor APIs

Linux (libdc1394, video1394, ieee1394, ohci1394)

libdc1394 (for support of IIDC Digital Camera spec)



1394a 32-bit PCI Interface Cards

Unibrain FireBoard 400-OHCI V3.0 (Blue pcb) – no longer sold

3.3/5.0 PCI

TI Chipset TSB41AB3 & TSB12LV26

Three 6-pin ports, and +12VDC plug

ADS Technologies Pyro 1394DV


TI Chipset TSB41AB3 & TSB12LV26

Two 6-pin ports, and +12VDC plug

Buslink PCIFW   (FWPC13P)

3.3/5.0 PCI

Lucent/Agere Chip FW323-05

Three 6-pin ports, No ext. power.

Unibrain Fireboard-Red


VIA Chip VT6306

Three 6-pin ports, and +12VDC plug


Cameras and Lenses

1394 IIDC Cameras

IEEE 1394 Digital Camera List by Damien Douxchamps

Point Grey

Sony DFW-V500, VL500, XCD900


Camera Trigger Server



CCD Image Format Size and FOV, Kogaku reference

IR Filters in Color Camera


Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

Sony SNC-RZ30N

Canon VB-C10



C vs. CS-Mount

Threads are identical on these mounts: 1" diameter x 32 threads per inch. C-Mount uses 17.52 mm flange back distance; CS-Mount uses 12.5 mm. CS-Mount cameras can be converted to C mount by using a 5mm spacer element; however, CS-Mount lenses cannot be used with C-Mount cameras.

Coastal Optical Systems (custom solutions)




Hoya (filters)

Intor (thin film optics, filters)

Navitar/Buhl (projector lenses)



Sunex (miniature CMOS/CCD lenses & filters & custom solutions)

Sunex, Inc., Optics-Online

Tamron USA

Universe Kogaku America


Sensors – CCD and CMOS

Sony Semiconductors


Clusters – PC

3DMC Cluster and its Additional Documentation(password protected access)

Lookout Cluster (password protected access)

PxFx Cluster (password protected access)


CVS (Concurrent Versions System) Revision Control

Fogel’s CVS Site


CVS Manual


CVS Documentation



Garmin 16 Quick Start Guide
Garmin GPS 16/17 Technical Spec Manual


Hardware Forums



Tom’s Hardware Guide

Projector Central

Adrian’s RojakPot (Graphic Card Comparison Charts)


HiBall Wide Area Tracker

CIB-Strip Cable (RJ-45 – RJ-45)  Pin 1-1, 2-2, 3-6, 4-4, 5-5, 6-3, 7-7, 8-8



Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP)


I/O Interfaces

I2C – The I2C interface is optimized for hardwire simplicity. Parallel address and data buses inherent in conventional systems are replaced by a serial protocol that transmits both address and bidirectional data over a two-wire bus, serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL).

I2C Bus Specification, V2.1 Jan 2000

I2C Manual

Philips Semiconductor’s I2C Webpage

I2C PCI Adapter - Calibre UK  (we have a couple of these)


RS-232 Serial

Spec &  Pinout

Digi International Networked Serial Port Server



USB 1.1 12Mbps

USB 2.0 480Mbps


Parallel Port

ParPort dll for Windows 2000/XP from Zeecube

Install Kit and License (Sept 2001) are on our SnapServer


PCI Bus Specs

PCI Technology Overview

PCI-X (Express) Overview


PCI 32-bit,33/66Mhz

PCI 64-bit, 33/66Mhz

PCI-X66     528MB/sec

PCI-X133   1.06GB/sec

PCI-X266   2.1GB/sec

PCI-X533   4.3GB/sec

PCI Express x1  500MB/sec

PCI Express x4  2.0 GB/sec

PCI Express x8 4.0 GB/sec

PCI Express x16 8GB/sec

AGP-8x 2GB/sec


Image Formats

pbm – binary images, ASCII

pgm – gray images, ASCII

ppm – color images, ASCII

png – portable network graphics (usually lossless compressed)

pnm -  abstraction of pbm, pgm and ppm formats (gray, color, binary, ascii & binary)



Windows Option: WinEdt and MikTex


There are several resources available on the Web to help with LaTex syntax.

Gavin Maltby’s “An Introduction to TEX and friends”


Our research group also has a copy of Goossens’ “The Latex Companion”.


Libraries, Digital

UNC Libraries

ACM Digital Libraries


IEEE Xplore

Google Scholar


ACM Computing Classification System

How Classify Works



The Linux Documentation Project

Linux Central  Man Pages


XFree86 Organization

XF86Config files

Man Page

XFree86 Video Timings HOWTO

Also see NVIDID Linux Driver README for info XF86Config Files


Lookout Cluster (password protected)




MPI – Message Passing Interface

MPI Forum

MPI Standard (Argonne Nat Lab website)

MPI Workshop and Supercomputing at PSC (April 2002)

Parallel Programming Techniques (Intro to PSC)

Parallel Computing: Overview

Compiling and Job Submission

Message Passing Basics

Parallel Port Example

Performance Optimization

TotalView Debugger




Network Maps and Traffic Monitors



MAGPI (UPenn et al.)


TCP Tuning for Windows 2000


HP Procurve 2524 Switch  (currently on loan to David Ott)

HP Manuals Online

Management and Configuration Guide

Admin Access


HP Procurve 4104gl Gigabit Switch

HP Manuals Online

Management and Configuration Guide

Admin Access



Linux Drivers and READMEs

FX 3000G Frame Lock

Frame Lock Users Guide, V 1.0 Preliminary C

Notes from conversation with Ian Williams


OpenCV (Intel)

Reference Manual, Version 1, Dec 2000



Quick Start Guide

Reference Manual, V2.2


Paper Sizes

ANSI sizes (A,B,C, …)

Architectural sizes (ARCH1, …)

ISO sizes (A0, A2, …)



Projector Central’s Projector Search Engine

DLP Info

TI White Papers

DMD Discovery Kit

Productivity Systems Inc

Brilliant Technologies

ELCAN Optical Technologies


Projection Design F1

User’s Guide

RS232 Command Set


PxFx Cluster (password protected)


Spectroradiometer, (PhotoResearch PR-715)


Software Development Tools



IBM-Rational PurifyPlus (available to us via the IBM Scholars Program – see Herman)


Source Forge Projects


Delta3D Open Source Engine

DevIL – a cross-platform image library

IEEE 1394 for Linux




Stereo Display

Stereoscopic Display & Applications Conference

Foundations of Stereoscopic Cinema by Lenny Lipton


StereoGraphics Corp

StereoGraphics Developers’ Handbook (66 pages)





VGA Timing Standards

GTF Generalized Timing Formula


Raylar’s Phoenix EDID Designer Tool

Viewsonic EDID/DDC Test Program


DPMS – Display Power Management Signaling

DDWG-Digital Display Working Group

DVI Specification, Version 1.0

Video Connector Types

VGA pinouts

DVI pinouts

Digital video pundit, Charles Poynton.

Charles has published a couple of good textbooks and has several useful documents on his website including one on Gamma and Color.

Last edited by Herman Towles (August 2008)